RedOctane admits to Guitar Hero II patch problem

Guitar Hero II publisher RedOctane has admitted that some users are experiencing problems with a patch released for the Xbox 360 version over the weekend.

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tehcellownu4260d ago

damn so basically if you dont have the warranity anyomre you goin pay that extra 140 dollars and you bascially 540 dollars or feel bad for the xboxfanboys..8and its not even gaurantee it will work when u get back your is milkin this really

tomfoolery4260d ago

Red Octane and Microsoft better solve this issue promptly.
I've never had one issue with my 360 .............yet....
and I'm not a big guitar hero fan.But these red flags(circles)need
to be TOP priority,or the backlash MS is feeling now will only worsen.
Hell,I know two people who backed out on a 360 purchase because of
this red ring death propaganda!FIX IT MS ....NOW!

PS360WII4260d ago

if you ask MS if there is a problem the only answer they know is to deny. That is deny till a year or two later then say that there may have been a small portion of problems. Making it impossible to fix any problems for there is no way of telling if your problem was one of them a year ago or a new problem. There for no money needs to be spent by MS. Hurray! See how a big molopoly company works in their new fields of entertainment ^^

Ah well my 360 has yet to be bricked or have I seen any rings of death what-so-ever. The only thing that's happened is it freezes once in awhile and trust me every console past and present does that.

GameJunkieJim4260d ago

I think he meant to confirm that he was aware of people complaining, and they were investigating the matter.

Poor wording on the title.

Keyser4259d ago

I've never heard of games causing hardware to fail. I just don't remember bad catridges screwing a Nintendo up or a bad cd screwing up a PS1 or 2. What about MS hardware would allow software to destroy the system? I don't understand.