PURE (Review: Resumeplay)

Resumeplay: "The career championship will take up the majority of playtime, and if you want to max out your quad performance, there is no doubt that you will venture back and forth between events to unlock every upgrade for your quad. Though lacking in a few smallerr aspects, PURE isn't exactly a huge multiplayer experience, but if you are looking for some time on the track, then PURE is definately the one for you!"

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DragonWarrior465344111d ago

This game is so dope. I bought the ps3 version and was upset to find out that the game doesn't support in game music via xmb even the the option is there. I actually talked to one of the devs and they didn't feel the need to implement it. Im gonna get the 360 version because the music in this game sucks ballz. Other then that I can only think of a few games that are as good or better. Motorstorm PR, GT5P, Midnight Club LA, and Wipeout HD are the only games that come close to this game.

mr mintleaf4111d ago

Custom soundtracks and split screen would have jumped this game into the stratosphere for the PS3.

N4GAddict4111d ago

Custom soundtracks would have been perfect

pcgia4111d ago

great game, played the hell out of it. I play on windows though so custom music isn't a problem.