Guitar Hero III Wii using Guitar Controller

From the complete article:

"In an interview with IGN, RedOctane's co-founder and president Kai Huang has confirmed that the Wii version of Guitar Hero III uses a guitar peripheral and has online elements.

Guitar Hero III is scheduled to hit PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii in Autumn this year. However, many were left wondering whether
the Wii version would require a guitar peripheral - like previous Guitar Hero titles - or utilise the console's Wiimote.

While the development team is still exploring innovative ways to use the remote, Kai Huang told us: "We are really excited about the Wii game because there are so many options for the Wii remote. However, you will play the game with a guitar peripheral and it will be similar to a guitar you've seen in the past."

He also confirmed that Guitar Hero III on Wii contains features included in other versions of the upcoming game - such as online play and downloadable music.

You can read the full interview with Kai Huang about the Guitar Hero franchise later today."

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ChickeyCantor4262d ago

i hope they make the guitar like an add-on for the wiimote, so you just have to "click" the wii-mote in it as the powersource and data sender and ofcourse manipulating the guitar player on screen by moving the guitar.

anyhowzors awsome i geuss thiss will be my first guitar hero, unless they aint really making use of the remote.