It's an XBLA dual-strike!

OXM is taunting how if internet whispers are to be believe it looks like Microsoft is set to up the ante by bringing us two new titles this week, one old and one new.

The first title tipped for the double-whammy Xbox Live Arcade release is the long-awaited 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures, from the same developer that brought us Assualt Heroes. As you can imagine it's full of whacky courses and holes – 36 to be exact – and there's also a customizable course editor for you to try your hand and creating even more bizarre putting challenges.

Tag-teaming 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures is the classic Konami shooter Gyruss, which was originally released in Arcades in the early 80s. Gyruss follows in the Galaga tradition of space shooting but with one important twist; it has a forced "3D" perspective where your ship is flying towards the screen rather than the familiar sidescrolling affair.

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Auron4260d ago

The more the marrier I be!

eques judicii4260d ago

microsoft has really gone on a spring XBLA blitz!