Mr.Kojima, Please Don't make MGS5

PolarityGamers writes:

Hideo Kojima is famous for his Metal Gear series. Metal Gear have introduced the stealth genre to the Video Game world, and every stealth games since have been trying to copy what Metal Gear have done in the pass. But Kojima also made some awesome games besides Metal Gear. Instead of making MGS 5 He should make one of those game below.

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Spike473398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

as for a true sequel of MGS4,(not another spinoff, a true sequel) we will have to wait quite a bit imo.

BadboyCivic3398d ago

He made MGS and Snake Eater. Two of the best games to date!
Lunar zone of enders is not even in the same league

The Great Melon3398d ago

I have been dieing for a new Zone of the Enders for several years. The second one was amazingly fun.

masterg3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Im sure MSG5 will sell better than the other games on the list.

snipermk03398d ago

Dear bungie, please don't make Halo ODFTQPDRTYMTS.

znu3398d ago

f*ck the author of this article

i hate it when ppl say don't make this
stop milking that
we don't want that game on our console

STFU, i want that game, because i want to enjoy playing!

Kojima makes excellent games and MGS4 was nothing short of EPIC
I'll welcome MGS5 with open arms cuz whether its a multi-plat or not, kojima will make a perfect experience for both PS3/Xbox360/(and maybe Wii) owners

Raz3398d ago

I'm sure Kojima-sama will halt all work on his newest masterpiece and do something completely different simply because some random gamer blog says he should.

The idea. o_O

xwabbit3397d ago

PolarityGamers writes plz don't make more retarded articles

Mr Remington3397d ago

A new ZoE would be soooo awesome.
If you played the first one, you know what I mean. Imagine that, but next gen.

Raz3395d ago

Obviously some people are unfamiliar with sarcasm.

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shocky163398d ago

He has to eventually stop milking the series and carry on with other work such as ZOE 3

The Great Melon3398d ago

Zone of the Enders 2 is definitely one of my favorite ps2 games.

lukeb4dunk3397d ago

I don't know if you can actually say he has been milking the series. Each story (well, maybe 2 was a stretch) had meaning and advanced the story quite well. Not once did I play any of the main games did I feel that he was milking the series.

Now Mario on the other hand...I'm not sure I would call it milking either. More like whoring. While they may be fun games, but Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., cart racers, the Galaxy game(s), Mario Sunshine, Smash Bros., tennis, etc. That right there is the definition of milking.

But with all that said, I would also like to see what else Kojima could do. Though if there is a MGS5 to be made, I would really like for him to have a major role in creating it.

Jack Klugman3398d ago

even your own fans are sick of metal gear. lol that teets running out of milk

lukeb4dunk3397d ago

and I'm not sick of MGS games. If there is another going to be made, I would like for Kojima to be a major part of it.

doctorstrange3398d ago

he can always come back to ZOE or MGS but I would love just one more amazing stand alone game

Kamikaze1353398d ago

But sadly, I remember him saying that one of the reasons he made MGS4 was because he was constantly threatened by fans @[email protected]

So might be the same case with MGS5...

snaz273398d ago

i read a story the other day that said kojima had a few ideas for mgs5, however he didnt want his team to any of them, he said the team themselves had some brilliant ideas also and he would rather they used those which would allow him to step back from the project. this would free him up to make a new game that he has had in his mind for quite some time now, he just doesnt know if people will take to it etc etc... so i would say its quite likely that we will see a new ip sooner rather than later! hmmm maybe for the ps4 tho? you know tho to be honest i hate the way konami make people use their login for online play, i just dont get it? as far as i know they are the only ones that do that! just why? its as if konami feels they are above everyone else, and can do what the hell they like and i dont like that attitude to be honest.... so for me untill they pull their heads out their arse i couldnt really care what they do next... i havent even played mgs4, and wont untill they patch trophies and allow people.....

snaz273398d ago

..... to use the psn id to play online, disagree shoot me down whatever, but this is my opinion! i just dont like it when any company gets too big for their boots, its not that i blame kojima for what konami has done far from it. hes a great developer, it makes me wonder tho why he doesnt use his weight to change some of these things? until then feck konami!

DaTruth3397d ago

Too bad there is only one Kojima! We really need to clone this guy or bring his children into the fold.

lukeb4dunk3397d ago

why stop with just one clone? Why not clone him three times? There could be a Solid Kojima, Liquid and Solidus.

I know, bad joke, but it's late.

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