IGN: Michael Jackson in Videogames

In addition to music and music videos, Jackson was also known as a fan of videogames. His Neverland Ranch had many arcade cabinets on free play. But Jackson did not just want to play games, he wanted to be in them, too. And so in 1990, Jackson teamed up with one of his favorite game companies, SEGA, to create the game Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for the arcade, Genesis, and Master System, as well as current personal computers at the time.

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Michael Jackson5091d ago

The original Moonwalker will never die...

May you rest in piece old friend... Now, you can really walk on the moon...

aaron58295091d ago

On the genesis again and again...

one of my favourite games of all time.



animboo5091d ago

Now you can be a child forever..

Mrs Helghast5091d ago

Well said. I know you've had that account for a few years. A part of our cultural DNA has left us. I never would've imagined he would die so soon.

I used to play Moonwalker too at the arcade. I remember playing it over and over again when I was a kid until my tokens ran out. That was definitely one of my most favorite games when I was little.

Michael Jackson5091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

Since we can't physically toast one another..

Bubbles to everyone instead. It's on me. Cheers.
Rest in peace Michael.

edit: Bubbles to below too.

Boody-Bandit5091d ago

that was Micheal Jackson.
This is one sad day but try and grieve quick and learn to celebrate his life forever.

ID IR A G 0 N5091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

i like how they say he was a gamer since he has arcade machines at his house. that almost made me die laughing. he has the arcade games not cause he was a gamer but a pedophile. he used those kind of things to lure little boys to him.

in my opinion the world is better off without michael jackson. honestly, who cares???? he hasnt been "the king of pop" for over 20 years. instead he was a child raping sideshow for the past 2 decades.

bloop5091d ago

Dragon, was that ever proven?? The short answer to that is, no.

ID IR A G 0 N5091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

where the is smoke there is fire. michael jackson has enough money to make things like that go away.

remember O.J. got away with murdering his wife.

oh yeah... would you ever let any of your kids go to neverland ranch to hang out with michael? the short answer to that is, NO

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NateNater5091d ago

Too young and too soon. Another Legend is lost. God rest Michael Jackson's soul. Its so hard to believe that he is gone. My condolences go out to his family and other loved ones. Michael Jackson RIP you will be forever missed.

aaron58295091d ago

reminds me of the song , Gone Too Soon.

That song was written for Ryan White if i'm not mistaken ?

ID IR A G 0 N5091d ago

im sure you say god rest his soul. this man was a child molester!!!!!! he is not going to heaven.... oh wait priests rape kids too... maybe he will go to heaven.

Jamaicangmr5091d ago

I don't even know what to say, apart of me died with Michael today. Rest in peace Great 1.

Bubble Buddy5091d ago

Why do the good die young? : /

aaron58295091d ago

My guess is, that's how legends live their lives...

Erm, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee ....


Bubble Buddy5090d ago

Hendrix, Lennon, etc. :(. RIP to all.

Epic5091d ago

Moonwalker the game was memorable - just like the man.

The World kills its stars.

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