Two Resident Evil 4 videos

Capcom has decided to port the popular horrorgame Resident Evil 4. With the new Wii-controls this game should be worth buying. In the next two videos you can see how the controls work.

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ITR4259d ago

Looks good. Might have to check this one out.

I only played half of the GC ver.

Silvia0074259d ago

That's cool. As soon as I can get my hands on a Wii... DAMN IT!

BIadestarX4258d ago

Another port. Why are the PS3 and the 360 getting RE5 and the wii is getting a port? Talking about... playing safe...

TThijs4258d ago

This looks like a cool port. But the Wii is also getting a new Resident Evil game.

PhinneousD4258d ago

i played the sh*t outta the GC version... hopefully capcom can tweak the graphics a little more for the wii release to make it a wii-worthy port. .. and give me some new content that hasn't been seen on the ps2 version please.

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