Preview : NCAA Football 08

This year's EA college football game gives players a lesson in leadership. Impact players, aka ballers with high ratings, will be able to trigger "lead by example" events that impact each player's morale. Score a touchdown with an impact player, a chain-reaction of good feelings spread to the rest of the team, which in turn, boosts each player's performance.

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FCOLitsjustagame4259d ago

I am so in need of a good football game. Madden 06 was so bad for the 360 that I didn't bother with any game last year. I was hoping 2K All pro football would be the game I would get but now with indications hat they wont use the standard American football rule set I am back to looking for great football game. I always liked NCAA on the Xbox but I have lost a lot of faith in EA sports on the next gen consoles. I refuse to pay $60 for a game that leaves out stuff that is in the game they sell for the last generation.

This should be the first football game fully designed for the next gen consoles so I have hope. Still not much for Madden but for NCAA. I like the college football atmosphere more anyway.

bigdaddyc1874217d ago

The named rosters are open for preorders at this site below. I got last years preorder for the xbox 360 without any issues. Really opened up the game.