The Summer of PSP is Here!

StalkingSilence of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"Summer is finally here and to celebrate, our friends at SCEE have launched yet another PSP campaign, aptly named "Summer of PSP." Prominently displayed on the campaign site are four major PSP releases for the summer - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Buzz!: Brain of the UK, Petz, and Harry Potter. Each title seems to be sponsoring a giveaway. And if you're a PSLS reader from Europe, be sure complete the mini-games to qualify for the Mega Summer Super Prize!"

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StalkingSilence4370d ago

Had to add Petz: My Puppy Family and Petz: My Baby Hamster to N4G when submitting this. Are these debut trailers for the Ubisoft franchise on PSP? Looks like Nintendogs.

Johnny Rotten4370d ago

Petz is a big series for the DS, it's not a game for everyone (obviously) but it's a good move on Sony's behalf seeing how very little titles out there appeal to a younger audience.

GWAVE4370d ago

It's a wonderful time to be a handheld gamer. While the console owners argue about a few missing pixels in multiplat games, it seems that DS and PSP owners are enjoying the gamut of hardcore games, innovative games, and downright addictive games.

Graphics and speedy online gameplay is great, but handhelds offer something every gamer wants: fun gameplay.

StalkingSilence4370d ago

Thx for the info on the Petz franchise and thanks for the good thoughts on portable gaming. bubbles for you both!

AAACE54370d ago

I really hope Sony finally has their act together with the Psp, because it seems like it could be a great system, they just never fully took advantage of it!

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dopeboimagic924370d ago

Maybe I should get into Buzz for PSP