New Forza Motorsport 2 Screenshots! (Weekly Pitpass Report Volume 42)

Turn 10 just released this week's Weekly Pitpass report, with four new screenshots and some amazing audio. In addition, they announced that a demo would soon be available containing 24 different cars, from the A, C, and R2 classes.

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Drew6214d ago

Check this stuff out:

60MPH crash - http://download.microsoft.c...

Porsche Source - http://download.microsoft.c...

Porsche in-game - http://download.microsoft.c...

I still wince when I hear that collision.

Circa246214d ago

Very nice. I feel like it doesn't have the smooth curves that GT:HD does though. Anyone else agree?

Needless to say, this game has damage and customization options, where GT 5 doesnt.

Antan6214d ago

Not that we know of, PD would be foolish if they didnt freshen things up with the like of damage, more cusomizations etc etc. Im sure they will be looking at Forza 2 with keen eyes.

M4RK19886214d ago

I'm going to try to avoid downloading the demo.
If I did it would spoil my enjoyment when I buy the game becuase I would know exactly how the game was going to look and feel. I want to leave things like discovering the damage and physics etc until the full game.
I think demos should only come out after the game is released.

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The Forza Franchise Has Exceeded $1 Billion in Retail Sales

Xbox: "Today, we’re excited to share a major milestone – as of December 2016, the Forza franchise has exceeded $1 billion in retail sales."

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Overload2621d ago

Pretty much expected regarding Forza Horizon 3 (selling 2.5M units). Good numbers compared to the previous iterations.

Gazondaily2621d ago

This is good news. The best racing franchise should be supported. Glad it is. #forzaplayers

Overload2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Selling more than the previous versions would be good news.

"The best racing franchise should be supported."

It is, very much so.

Gazondaily2621d ago

I know. 2.5 million copies isn't bad at all. Forza is smashing it, critically and now sales are reflecting that too.

I wonder if there will be a racer this gen that comes close critically. If so, we're truly in for a treat.

Overload2621d ago

It is amazing watching sales matter and not matter all at the same time. Same with what they reflect.

Gazondaily2621d ago

Quality matters more than sales. Always. And that's why Forza is at the top of the game. Horizon 3 deserves those sales because we need more games like it.

Kingthrash3602621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Great to see some good news from forza! Retailing 1 billion bucks is a pretty good milestone. I remember gta5 did it In like a week or so. It may have taken forza longer to reach this milestone and with 10 games...but hey not many have reached that milestone.

Overload2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )


I thought sales reflected people finally seeing the quality.

"Forza is smashing it, critically and now sales are reflecting that too."

You're all over the place.

Do they only reflect quality or what it deserves when it comes to Forza?

Gazondaily2620d ago


I thought sales reflected people finally seeing the quality. "

Lets be honest- frankly terrible games have seen some strong sales. Comparatively drastically weaker racers for instance have seen even higher sales.

"You're all over the place.

Do they only reflect quality or what it deserves when it comes to Forza?"

I'm not all over the place at all. Weren't you the one downplaying the sales previously? See my link below. Its not rocket science mate. The game's quality is great. Sometimes the sales numbers dont do a great game justice. We've seen that time and time again in this industry.

Forza Horizon 3 is an excellent game and the highest rated racer this gen. Now it deserves great sales doesn't it? Its very simple.

Overload2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )


Let's get real here. 2.5M is great for Forza Horizon 3, but it's not that impressive overall. GT Sport will most likely do that very quickly. Driveclub sold 2M and that had a terrible launch.

1B sounds like a big number, but then you realise GT5 did approximately half a billion at retail alone.

Unspoken2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Sony fanboys out in force today!

Looks like your down play is back firing.

2620d ago
Brazz2620d ago

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's" right now Forza is number one hands down and other races need to work hard to get at Forza level...
I wonder if Polyphony digital will start to fight back whit GT, cause right now Forza is killing it.