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Stryfeno24476d ago

This was on Major Nelson Twitter this morning...Good News.

iDystopia4476d ago

Thats so crazy, a huge deal for Bethesda. They now own Doom, Quake, Woldenstein and Rage.

DeforMAKulizer4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Isn't Wolfenstien owned by ActiBlizz now?
I mean they are releasing the new one...
But i agree this is huge!
EDIT: My bad i now read that it is being co-developed by Raven Software, id and a bunch of other studios...

iDystopia4476d ago

Yea the are developing and Activision is just the publisher.

Sony Rep4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Bethesda doesn't own id. They're just under the same branch and share the same developmental space. ZeniMax owns id and Bethesda.

Bethesda can't buy out id.

barom4476d ago

wow never saw that one coming. Sounds like id Software itself hasn't changed much though.

Omegasyde4476d ago

Gaming has just taken 8 steps backwards.

An open-world doom filled with glitches, can't wait.

ShabzS4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )


Edit:... ok this doesnt sound too bad .. id is going to work under bathesda with carmack leading the team ... they've all signed long term contracts and are still set to release rage ... this is good...

hopefully someone will help id get their straight up 1 dimensional shooting gameplay sorted... they need to venture out and try new things in the fps genre... and rage definitely seems like one of those new thing ... i'm glad that rage is still on

Mo0eY4476d ago

id Software is crap nowadays. Money badly spent in my opinion. They should've bought one of those amazing smaller independent gaming studios.

solar4476d ago

didnt see this one coming.

Fishy Fingers4476d ago

"id Software is crap nowadays."

Based upon what? Rage looks amazing, no doubt the new Doom will to. Even if your not a fan of their games, their technical know how is second to none.

Beast_Master4476d ago

I think they are trying to become publishers. So now it looks like they are going to put out Rage, Doom 4, Wet, Fallout: New Vegas. This is good because I think we need more publishers since Atari and Midway are going out of business.

FantasyStar4476d ago

Yeah, like a couple years ago when the id Engine in Quake 4 was bar-none at the time. Now their time has lapsed and for what?

meepmoopmeep4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

i thought Microsoft owned iD

Beast_Master4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

"id Software is crap nowadays. Money badly spent in my opinion. They should've bought one of those amazing smaller independent gaming studios."

I got 3 words for you: JOHN F**KING CARMACK! Please enlighten us with your genius take on ID being a crap? Last I checked there is a convention still called Quakecon for Quake, they own thier own engine called Rage, they are putting out 2 games next year, not to mention the royalty they will receive for Wolfenstein. Please drop some knowledge and let us all understand the money pit that is Id software.

Edit: not to mention the money they are making by releasing the original doom on XBLA, Iphone etc. Doom 2 coming soon to XBLA.

TrenchaunT4476d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo oo!!!!!

It's Fallout all over again! :o(

JsonHenry4476d ago

Huh. I have enjoyed Bethesda since Daggerfall back in 1997. But I am a little nervous about what they will do to the DOOM series. But on the bright side - maybe they will bring Hexen and Heretic back?

Ju4476d ago

id hasn't released anything lately, except that crap of Enemy Territory (Quake Wars). Rage is a myth, and nowhere close to a real product. Looks like they ran out of money if you ask me (who would, though?). Kind of interesting, if that EA-Rage deal was so great, why sell the company to Bethesda? That's a rescue plan, nothing else.

orange-skittle4476d ago

You guys are idiots. Nothing has changed. Bethesda saw the biggest opportunity in the world and took it before EA and Activision could sink their teeth into it. Bethesda doesn't want to change a thing and signed all of them to long term contracts as well as kept the same core together. ID now has the capitol to finish what they started and Bethesda and id will soak up the profits. Bethesda is still making RPG's and id is still making FPS's. This is SUPER NEWS when two great developers merge. That's like hearing UbiSoft and Capcom are joining forces or Naughty Dog and BioWare making a game. That means RAGE, DOOM 4, and DUKE NUKEM FOREVER is still gonna happen

IdleLeeSiuLung4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Greatest opportunity in the world is among other things dependent on how much Bethesda paid for id....

gambare4476d ago

I expect to see a Fallout-like Doom.

Can you imagine exploring a Futuristic Hell on earth like we did in Fallout?

4476d ago
pixelsword4475d ago

You obviously never been to New York.


MEsoJD4475d ago

Long as I get another Doom.

Beast_Master4475d ago

Do you people know the difference between a publisher and a developer? Id isn't going to make Fallout: Doom! You dumb twats. Bethesda is going to just take the PS3, 360 and PC versions of what ever games Id makes and annouce a release date. Then they will get the code approved by the ESRB and through Sony and Microsoft. Then they will buy commercials to PROMOTE the game. Then they will release the game on fancy copies of discs which we will spend 50-90 bucks on. Then Bethesda will pop the champaine and start whiping there butts with 100 dolla bills! And maybe give John Carmack a Bently.

Viper74475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

This title is slightly missleading, ZeniMax Media bought ID not Bethesda (slight difference). For those waiting for open world doom or another Fallout3 (which I personaly think as a great game (loved oblivion, loved fallout so double love for TES: Fallout3))

ID is still the developer for Doom, rage and their other titles. So theyll be as "ID" as they can be. Although openworld doom even with glitches sounds a lot better than badly made half life clone with flashlight tag and no balls what so ever aka Doom3.

AAACE54475d ago

Hopefully this makes their games better!

To me games made by iD are the ultimate in nerdism. They have good concepts, but lack character! Their games have never been appealing to me.

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osmarduban4476d ago

this sucks for ps3 owners

osmarduban4476d ago

because bethesda doesnt always support the ps3 as they do the 360 and pc like the oblivion dlc and almost the fallout dlc

Fishy Fingers4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Ha, I guess someone didnt read the article. Bethesda wont be absorbing id or anything, essentially they're still separate, just under the same parent company.

Sucks to be illiterate.

OmarJA4476d ago

Well it's just happen that Oblivion was better on the PS3 & we also got the two expansions, same about Fallout 3 DLCs...

You fail.

rucky4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

"this sucks for ps3 owners"

If Doom or Quake was to be announce to consoles it would more likely be for 360 only. In the hands of Bethesda those titles have a better chance of going multi-console so as far as i'm concern i'm actually gaining something for my PS3.

TheColbertinator4476d ago

You are a moron.bethesda is owned by ZeniMax media AKA Take 2

Christopher4476d ago

Actually, Bethesda made sure that the exclusives on the 360 were timed exclusives only. PS3 owners got an extremely well-done port of Oblivion and all of its DLC and will be getting all of the Fallout 3 DLC this Holiday season.

I don't like timed exclusives, but I prefer that to just exclusive titles.

solidt124476d ago

The PS3's Success doesn't depend on this third parties games so why would it suck for PS3 owners?

Grown Folks Talk4476d ago

because of the PS3's launch date. It was intended to be released at the same time. The majority of companies will release multiplat. Costs are too high for many to do otherwise.

saint_john_paul_ii4476d ago

"If Doom or Quake was to be announce to consoles it would more likely be for 360 only."

Not really.

Despite his comments on how complicated the PS3 is, he loves the fact that Sony came prepared by getting that BD drive on the machine. Now if the 360 had a next-gen disc drive(whether HD-DVD or Blu-Ray) then your comment would stand.

bjornbear4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Now we'll be getting more content at better quality and on time....our wallets are going to implode =( /jk

On a serious note - this doesn't surprise me...Bathesda (ZeniMax) have grown substantialy in the past few years and by taking id under their wind, id will probably gain more momentum (haven't felt them like i used to back in the day)

Good news =) if john is happy, i r happy ^-^

All-34476d ago

Where do you get this info from?

Post a credible link....

As far as I've found - Take Two has no official affiliation with ZeniMax Media.

kevnb4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

so if ps3 owners want to hate, hate on take two. Also, bethesda and id games are pc games, the console versions are just functional ports. You may as well be playing doom on nintendo 64 or something.

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Pandamobile4476d ago

How the hell did Bethesda buy the father of FPS gaming?

solar4476d ago

"Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax Media has just announced its acquisition of well-known video game developer id Software (DoomM, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D)."

the title is completely false.

Disccordia4476d ago

It surprises me slightly because this time last year Take2 was close to being purchased by EA.. and now it seems they are doing well enough to buy out devs themselves. They must have made a nice profit from GTA4 ;)