Rumored PS Store Content for 06/25/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "This week's update is looking rather barren as far as confirmed content is concerned. Let's hope that we get some surprises."

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DoucheVader5468d ago

Call of Juarez is looking good overall. I wonder how it will stack up to Red Dead Redemption.

ps3gamerkyle5468d ago

It is looking good.

Red Dead Redemption...Hah! That was the game that will forever go down in gaming lore. "I went to the Rockstar offices..and I may have seen GTA V"

valanceer5468d ago

Bethesda said that operation anchorage was coming in late june to the ps3 and this is the last store update of the month... Hope they don't fail on us...

BLuKhaos5468d ago

Call of Juarez? yuck another UE3 abomination.It does use the UE3 right?

The_Devil_Hunter5468d ago (Edited 5468d ago )

I dont think the question is if Call oF Juarez will stack up to RDR but if RDR will stack up to Call of Juarez

Carl14125468d ago

Totally agree. I need to start playing that game again.

Think i'll wait for the last one first though to increase my level cap, and then get them all in a bundle for much cheaper, presumably

joemayo765468d ago

whens fat princess coming out i remember reading sometime in June . . . guess it was a bunch BS then :\

i want me a fat princess ASAP

JL5468d ago

I would also like to try Call of Juarez. I am curious to see which one turns out best, from what I've seen though Red Dead just looks more appealing to me. But I'd definitely like a demo for Call of Juarez to check it out. I've been wanting a good wild west game lately. Especially since I've heard about these two games.

As for Fallout 3 DLC: too little too late. I gave up on that stuff already. Loved the game, had fun completing it and even got the platinum. But I'm done with it and want be getting the DLC. If they wanted my money on that they should've brought it to us long ago. I've already traded the game in anyways.

Other than that I wouldn't mind getting Tactics if it comes. Though I still need to go back and get FF VII (few other past downloadable games as well).

jessehaysfl5468d ago

fat princess got pushed so they can do a worldwide release.

LtSkittles5468d ago

Anyways, that could be no new content for Home, and not the store. Sorry if I mislead anyone.

FamilyGuy5468d ago


They should've just released it, I hope it's still in the price range of a psn title as it's delay is that of a retail game. I also wonder if the psp version will be cheaper or free/same...

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interrergator5468d ago (Edited 5468d ago )

final fantasy tactics nice hope to be true

DJ5468d ago

I feel like giving it a shot, though.

DoucheVader5468d ago

I guess Squeeenix getting some love on the PSN finally!

Sev5468d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my all time favorite games.

I personally enjoyed it more than FFVII, and FFVIII. In fact it's my favorite game in the Final Fantasy Franchise.

I recently bought the PSP version and put 100+ hours into it all over again.

SuperStrokey11235468d ago

FF Tactics and Wild arms would be awesome. Both would be buys for me, never played teh second wild arms but beat the first one and loved it so im obligated to get the second one lol. Too bad now 1943 and no fat princess though.

Hey where are the Arc the Lad games?

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DoucheVader5468d ago

This is the open zone, be very quiet! :P

Winter47th5468d ago

People actually give a sh!t about Fallout DLCs? wow.

Anyway, me want Fat Princess & Battlefield 1943 :'(

JonnyBigBoss5468d ago

That's not too bad. A demo I actually want and one of my favorite games of all time, Final Fantasy Tactics? Not too shabby!

Sev5468d ago

jleack, expect an email from me shortly. Been a little busy, but I didn't forget ya...

TheColbertinator5468d ago

PS3 owners still haven't received Fallout 3:Operation Anchorage?

I'm already in Point Lookout shooting up the swampfolk

Nelson M5468d ago (Edited 5468d ago )

ColBot Strikes Again !!!!!

Eiffel5468d ago (Edited 5468d ago )

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