Strategy Informer: ArmA II Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Armed Assault caught a lot of flack when it was released in 2007 and not just because of its numerous bugs; Operation Flashpoint fans accused it of being nothing more than a minor incremental update, the same game with prettier visuals. Now, with Codemasters preparing to unleash Operation Flashpoint 2 in a few months time, developer Bohemia Interactive has stepped up and fired the first shot in what could be an epic battle of warfare simulators with ArmA II, a true sequel to the original Operation Flashpoint."

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DragonWarrior_43800d ago

Cmon, an 8.2? Its really not past that? I call BS on this article.

Pandamobile3800d ago

Have you even played Arma 2? It's fricking amazing.

micro_invader3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Just watching videos of it on youtube makes me drool.

Note to self; Must get job to afford upgraded PC!! Gah!

mcgrawgamer3799d ago

I take it your first gaming system was a ps2 correct?

Cryptech3800d ago

Maybe it will ready to play in 12 months after some serious patching. I just hope it doesnt take 2 years and the ACE mod like ArmA did to be good, finally.