Arma 2, Why PC Gaming Is Superior

FullRelease's Callum Goss believes that Arma 2 is the PC version of The Last of Us and Halo. He believes it defines PC gaming with the experiences it offers.

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DarkOcelet1365d ago

Arma 2 is good but not exactly the best.

Playstation has The Last Of Us
Xbox has Halo
PC has Stalker
Nuff said.

PoSTedUP1364d ago

i love me some arma2, and ive never played it before. it would be the reason for me to build a PC.

i like my PlayStation platforms the most. they're shaping up nicely this gen. from compatibility with Vita and PS4, the Vita's library; ps1, ps2 collections, PSNow ps3 games, PSP and vita games plus soo many fun Indies. taking that everywhere you go. PS4 getting a lot of good PC games ported this gen, plus a lot of devs are jumping on board. and the big one: sony's first party games. it keeps me gaming on a quality level every where i go. i couldnt live without it.

DarkOcelet1364d ago

Arma 2 is great, you should play it along with Stalker trilogy, the best fps shooter on PC since Half life and damn its awesome.

lipton1011364d ago

Yeah I like arma as well. Good game but I got out of the pc arms race years ago. I love video games but my time is limited and my ps4 is good enough to suit my needs. Resident Evil 1 has been taking the bulk of my time lately

3-4-51364d ago

Isn't Arma 3 better or am I wrong ?

IBeCallum11364d ago

Obviously Arma 3 has a better engine and graphics, but I think Arma 2 is better because of the mods available, and it is set in the modern day.

Hitman07691364d ago

It is true, although I find it difficult at times to fully enjoy gaming on my PC, it is so versatile and has always been superior to consoles. That being said, I also love to play my consoles and handheld games, despite PC being a clear winner at tech side of things.

Perjoss1364d ago

Is Arma 2 generally considered a better game than Arma 3? talking about just the base game excluding mods.

Feralkitsune1364d ago

Base game, hell no. With mods, so far yes; but ARMA 3 is getting more and more amazing stuff by the month,

Hazmat131364d ago

we'll to the PC circle jerk. where they talk how awesome they are. then jerk each other off

SteamPowered1364d ago

Did you come to join in? Or just to troll? Pc gaming is pretty awesome Btw.

Hazmat131364d ago

a lil of both. haha i like PC gaming but no need to keep sayin WE ARE AWESOME every 5 seconds

D3athc3ll1364d ago

PC gaming will never be superior!!

Nuff said!

SteamPowered1364d ago

Pc gaming is already superior right now. No need to wait.

lipton1011364d ago

It'll never have the mass appeal of a console. As im getting older, I have less and less time for the headaches that come with PC gaming. I'd rather pop in a disc and get into a game without any other hassles. And right now pc games are bottlenecked by console games anyway. My ps4 output looks better than my once decent pc rig and I'm not going to put $2,000 into building another. When it kicks I'll probably just go with a Mac. PC gaming is alive and well, but to me, it's dead

Halow1364d ago

The fail coming out of this post is just astounding... lets just go down the list.

"PC gaming will never have the mass appeal of a console"

Steam has over 100million registered.. beating both XBL and PSN combined.

"I'd rather pop in a disc and get into a game without any other hassles"

I can see the appeal.. considering all I do is double click on an icon to play.. more exercise would be nice I guess

"PC games are bottle-necked by console games anyway"

This is true.. look at Watch Dogs. Was giving shittier graphics on PC so it would look the same as consoles.

"PS4 output looks better and would cost 2000 to build another"

One of the most ridiculous things I ever heard. I can and have built PC's for friends and family at 600 each that easily best console performance. 600 for PC when the games are so much cheaper on steam then from gamestop is the better bargain.

"When it kicks I'll probably just go with a Mac"

Well this makes me think the whole post is a troll so I'll just ignore it.

lipton1011364d ago

If PC games had any substantial, mind blowing offerings, as it did between ps2 and Xbox 360, id be all over it. A $600 pc will not best current console output , but keep spreading fantasies (maybe in specs alone, but optimization is also not uniform and you also fail to mention background applications hogging resources). If you build a budget pc and are serious about gaming, you'll be upgrading and spending more money every year. Steam has also been around for over 10 years. I know because I have the day 1 "achievement" from downloading it when it was the biggest pos on the Internet. I'm a realist. If you want to do a pc right, it's at least $2000 because I don't "Walmart" it. And sorry the Mac comment offended you! But I'm not looking to have another super loud space hogging pc crowding my living space like when I had my own room in my parents house as my current eyesore does now. Yes I'll buy a Mac. For aesthetics and status, because when friends and associates visit my home, I prefer to show off a Mac. I'll actually probably be buying an imac this weekend. And why? Because I can afford it and they look cool and they'll play wow if I ever get the itch again. I don't care about you as a person. I like my ps4 and I am and always have been an avid gamer. The only pc game I'll miss is red orchestra 2 which I havnt played in over a year anyway.

addictgamer1364d ago

Actually, you can build a pc that smokes consoles for under $600

Move the price to $850 (less than half of your "$2000") and you obliterate the consoles without a hint of "walmart". All name brand, highly rated equipment that nets triple the power of the ps4 at only double the price.

-8 core desktop [email protected] vs 8 core mobile [email protected]
-5.63TFLOP gpu vs 1.8TFLOP GPU
-20 GB RAM (4GB GDDR5 + 16GBDDR3) with 344GB/s total bandwith vs 8Gb RAM with 176 GB/s bandwith
-2TB 7200rpm 64mb cache desktop HD vs 500GB 5400rpm 8mb cache laptop HD

ShaunCameron1364d ago

It wasn't 30 years ago and it still isn't now.

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