Wonderwallweb Review: MySims Racing (DS)

Wonderwallweb Writes:

My Sims Racing is a fun kart game that may put younger gamers off due to the difficulty in winning races, older players will enjoy the challenge and the customisation, however it's all over too quickly.

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PS360WII3803d ago

Neat to hear about customizing. Strange they made a younger crowd game difficult. Guess EA wants to bring back some swagger to early video games and get gamers back into trying to beat a game rather than just knowing they'll get to the end... or just bad game design 0.o

SpoonyRedMage3803d ago

I still might get this game despite the mixed reception because I love my Kart Racers... there's sadly not many though, an even fewer good ones.

You know I'd love a new kart racer on the DSiware.cough*SquareEnix*cough *IntelligentSystems*cough*NewC hocoboRacing*cough

Wow that coughing fit was bad...

PS360WII3802d ago

lol yeah you should get that looked at. Chocobo Racing would be a fun idea for DSiWare for sure

SpoonyRedMage3802d ago

I never would of thought of it if it wasn't that I heard Square Enix and Intelligent Systems were making six DSiware games together and IS made the Mario Kart for the GBA....