Xbox 360 to get a new name next year?

Regardless of whether the rumours about a new console are true or not, Microsoft seriously needs to consider some changes if Project Natal is to be successful, writes Gameplanet.

THERE HAVE BEEN A stack of rumours swirling over the last couple of weeks about Microsoft's plans for a revised Xbox 360. It all started with a 1UP article which claimed their "sources" had told them that Microsoft would be launching a new Xbox 360 next year. The revised console would not only feature a built in Natal camera, but would also have some hardware upgrades. It would "be considered a new platform and carry a new name."

Microsoft moved swiftly to try and pour cold water on that rumour, but their response was somewhat ambiguous.

My take is this: when Microsoft launches Project Natal, it will come bundled with a redesigned Xbox 360 with a new name. There won't be any significant upgrades to the hardware, but it will get a visual refresh and it won't be called Xbox 360.

Make no mistake: Project Natal is about reinventing the platform, and that's going to require doing more than just releasing a peripheral.

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Chris3993803d ago

It's called "rebranding". Happens all the time, ala the PSPGo. Similar hardware with new features (flash drive, bluetooth - or Natal and likely a few other goodies, for the 360) and a fresh image.

If you think that the 360 will stay in it's current form - Arcade, Pro, Elite - for the next 3-5 years MS has pledged to keep it on the market, you're kidding yourself.

Sony denied the existence of a PSPGo up until the actual Qore video was leaked. That's what companies do, you don't want to cannibalize the sales of your current model by announcing an upcoming hardware revision.

Still, kind of a useless article. It's really not telling us anything that we didn't already suspect.

P.S. The "disagree" wasn't from me, I don't work that way :)

Mr_Bun3803d ago

The rumor isn't that the 360 will be appended...the rumor is that the name will be completely different.
Either way, still a rumor.

Chris3993803d ago

I'm fairly certain that the naming is mentioned in conjunction with a re-branding. They quote the 1up story from a few weeks ago.

And later in the article, I came across this: "So if Natal is released in 2010, expect to see it integrated into some kind of "slim" Xbox 360 with a new look, no ordinary controller and probably no hard drive either. And a cute name like "Xii"."

The no HD part sounds a bit rubbish though. MS needs to kill the Arcade, it's a complete waste of hardware.

Mr_Bun3803d ago

If they do append a name to the 360, then it is no big deal even if it is true. Not like they haven't done it before.

Mu5afir3803d ago

Are they talking about changing the game from X360 to something entirely different? Or are they going to put some "subtitle" like they did with PSP 2000 / 3000 / Go etc.. Because if it's a completely different name, it might as well be a new system.

Montrealien3803d ago

It worked for the gamecube, why not the 360?

Syronicus3803d ago

I see what you did there... And I could not agree more.

xabmol3803d ago

lol Nice one Montrealien. xD

Raf1k13803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

the arcade IMO is there just so consumers would think the X360 is much cheaper than the PS3 not realising they would end up buying a bunch of extras in the long run.

it's simply so they think "hmm, X360 is only £127.19 compared to the PS3s £293.59 price tag ( prices).

i'd be willing to bet that it's actually helping to generate revenue for them since the customers buying an arcade will end up buying the overpriced HDDs and other parts.

edit: it seems to be a clever little sales strategy. similar strategies get used in big supermarkets where they have a particular product that is in high demand at a really low price (sometimes making a loss on it (called a "loss leader" I believe) to draw in customers who then think "well, I'm here now, might as well pick up some groceries").

We did it at Asda with the Harry Potter books and it worked. I had customers coming to my checkout with not just a book but also a bunch of other products they wouldn't have normally bought.

IdleLeeSiuLung3803d ago

Well this (the rebranding) is not even a rumour, but more like a theory.

I don't think they will easily drop the Xbox 360 name, because it could cause confusion. Will this older Xbox 360 game work with my new Xbox Natal thing-a-ma-jig?

Maybe something more like Xbox 360 Natal would make more sense instead of an entirely new name. It probably wouldn't be a successor like a PS1, PS2 and PS3 so confusion is bound to happen similar to what happened to HD-DVD.

tuaamin133803d ago

My guess is the system will be called the Xbox 360: Move or something cheesy like that. Or perhaps a bad pun off their "Jump in!" slogan.

IdleLeeSiuLung3803d ago

I think there is a good chance it will be called Xbox 360 Natal (or at least include the word Natal) primarily due to all the word of mouth and exposure it is getting as "project natal".

Basically it is fast establishing itself under that name....

DeadlyFire3802d ago

Xbox Evolved or Xbox Evolution anyone? Microsoft has repeatedly said they are Evolving the platform with Natal support. It would fit.

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Mr_Bun3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Why re-brand a product that is selling? Maybe this is MS's way of getting out of the 3 year warranty that accompanies every 360 sold...or at least an attempt to distance itself from the RROD stigma.

edgeofblade3803d ago

The answer to your question is "They aren't rebranding it."

-MD-3803d ago

Hopefully it's just a new bundle name and not an entirely new name for the unit.

like "core" or "pro" consoles this will probably just be "Xbox 360 Natal" bundle.

Honky Kong3803d ago

every article ends in a question mark

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