Final Fantasy... Truly The Greatest RPG Series

I really don't know if I'm getting old, or the youth of today just don't know about video games. I was over at Gamespot .com and these kids are all mixed up. A new trailer was posted for a Samurai Showdown game. It looks terrible. But some one said the characters look like Anime and Soul Calibur rip offs. Samurai Showdown came WAY before Soul Calibur. Any way that led me thinking that some one needs to talk about why us Old School guys rave about games newer gamers just don't know why.

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SpoonyRedMage4978d ago

Well the articles slightly wrong because FFVII has official prequels and sequels as does FFIV now. I suppose FFXII does as well through Revanent Wings.

But yer, Final Fantasy is still awesome but to me Dragon Quest is getting closer and closer to it in terms of my opinion.

iamtehpwn4978d ago

on the great legacy of X.

GOD I loved that game =\

ThanatosDMC4978d ago

Loved FF8. Btw, Squall dies. Dont bother watching the credit after the ending movie nothing happens.

Megaton4978d ago

If you can get past the J-pop, X-2 is actually pretty good, or at least I thought so.

Tony P4978d ago (Edited 4978d ago )

Lol, I like how he goes on about the young kids not knowing about early FFs and he himself only started a generation before at FFVI. Great game though and my personal favourite out the series as well.

But yeah, although I like VII and consider it a good game, I hate that fanboys of the game have to evangelise it as dwarfing all other RPGs ever made.

X-2 was probably my least favourite as well although I enjoyed the combat and gameplay. Blitzball 'manager mode' really kicked me in the teeth though. I loved the first iteration in the previous game. This other was meh.

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Gun_Senshi4978d ago

From Squaresoft Alone

Xenosaga > FF
Chrono Trigger > FF

SpoonyRedMage4978d ago

Well it says series. Would you class the Chrono Series as better as it's quite contested about the sequel and hardly anyone has played Radical Dreamers...

Megatron084978d ago

Lunar and baldurs gate for the pc are the 2 best rpgs. We'll have to see how ME2 is but that will probably pass up FF too

Baka-akaB4978d ago

While some FF are constantly in my top5 or 10 jrpgs ( FF6 and FFT mostly) , i dont feel they are always the best , even though the most popular and genre pushing .

Series wise , i prefer Shadows Hearts , Suikoden , Shin megami tensei , Persona , Xenogears/saga , chrono trigger/cross and tactics ogre .
My focus is mostly , i suppose do to my obsession with plots in rpg rather than gameplay . I dont exchange one for the other , as most of those games were great in both , i just have a slightly bigger focus on plot .

Anyway it doesnt matter , prefering more obscure games doesnt makes you more of a rpg fans , nor does prefering FF above everything else would make you a fashionista and fake jrpg fan .

To be one you just need imo to enjoy them BEYOND FF titles , play FF if you want , but do try other stuff .

WEL4978d ago (Edited 4978d ago )

Xenosaga > FF Gun_Senshi???!!!! WOW...!

We all have our own tastes and everything but if we put that aside how many rpgs have like 20 games and still standing strong? That's the question that put this article on track. The FF games must be really good to have these many followers after 20 entries don't you think?

The FF series could easily be called the best rpg series of all time even if you and me don't like it.

Tony P4978d ago (Edited 4978d ago )

Oh yeah, I definitely love other RPGs more than any single FF. Xenosaga springs to mind as my favourite JRPG. But overall, WRPGs like Planescape and Baldur's Gate take the crown for me. As a series though, not many can compete with FF's legacy.

Xenosaga would have been great for me if their team didn't fracture for every game. It showed in their work. I admire that they got it done, but it fell far short of what was originally planned. Imo the three games together don't top the original Xenogears.

Chrono Series is cool imo. I played the three core games including Radical Dreamers, but since a lot of people missed that game, they railed against the heavy references in CC. Like Spoony said, some fans didn't consider CC a proper sequel or connected to CT at all and have chosen to wait for Chrono Break when/if that ever comes out. I thought it was one of the best games for PSX though.

Tony P4977d ago

Me too. Xenosaga isn't my favourite JRPG, it's Xenogears. Jeez I need to stop staying up so late.

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Omega44978d ago

It certainly is. Considering its one of the only series ever which has so many entries and still remains AAA every time. Truly incredible, I hope FFXIII story's is on par or better than FFX.

D4RkNIKON4978d ago

I know, Final Fantasy titles are always awesome. Crisis Core for PSP was the last one I played and that game was EPIC! I am really looking forward to FF14, how about you?

SevWolf4978d ago (Edited 4978d ago )

@ omega..I see what you did there *sigh*
@ d4rknikon...I see what YOU did, nice response
edit: I forgot to write what I wanted to say about the, anyways I hope that all the upcoming FF's will be as gr8 as their predeccessors, Im really looking forward to the console ff's, like ff XIII and ff vs XIII, aswell as ff XIV

Omega44978d ago

You had to read between the lines didnt you, couldnt just let the comments be *sigh*

SevWolf4978d ago (Edited 4978d ago )

@ omega: actually I read the comment normally, then I read d4rknikon's reply and remembered that you are more or less a fanboy, but that doesn't mean I disagreed with you, I actually agree with you, I just said that I saw what BOTH of you did there
@ locos: well one could see it that the only reason omega said ff XIII was because it was goin to the 360 and his history is full of such comments, or one could see it that he said ff XII, not including ff vs XIII or any of the others, because it was the only one he thought of, Im not accusing him, just sayin
edit 2: just forget it I was messin around

locos854978d ago (Edited 4978d ago )

I don't see anything......:( please explain.


Well I would have never noticed since I hope FF13 is as good as FFX as well since it is the next installment in the series. I never played 12, even though i'm dying to.

swiftshot934978d ago

FFXII was also the worst IMO

maniacmayhem4978d ago

yea, i dont see what they did either.

Raf1k14978d ago

lol i got that.

not saying omega was beeing fanboyish but if more fanboy comments were like those two this site would be a lot more interesting :)

MetalGearBear 4978d ago (Edited 4978d ago )

I don't care FF13 go to XBOX360.
PS3 owners will get FF verus 13(PS3 only) and FF Agito 13(PSP only)

D4RkNIKON4978d ago

Haha, I am glad some of you picked up on my comment to omega. Being that he is a 360 fanboy, I asked if he was looking forward to FF14 because it is a PS3 exclusive. Heh

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kingme714978d ago

I picked up 1-4 on the PSP and DS and playing them in order. Just finished 1, so I'm still early in the process. 1 is definitely dated, but still had fun with it. A little too easy and random monsters every 3 steps can wear on you.

bankai4978d ago

as a gamer coming up in the 8 bit era to now random battles with monsters you cant see, turn-based battles, sprite graphics, and even cliches really dont bother me.

NIS games are great for me when im feeling nostalgic

nice to see your playing the classics, be sure to play 5 and 6 when you get the chance

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