Manhunt 2 Shots Escape Rockstar Fortress

CVG just arrived back in the office from Rockstar towers and already it's managed to take pot-shots at them with its big media cannon. Manhunt 2-shaped pot-shots, to be exact.

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zonetrooper54297d ago

It kinda annoying that this is only coming out on the Nintendo Wii, PS2 and PSP. It would be awesome if they built this from the ground up for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Manhunt 2 does look pretty awesome, i kinda got a thirst for blood after just seeing Saw 3 lol.

ITR4297d ago

Looks better then Scarface for the Wii, which is just a Xbox port of the and all.

It might be me, but does some of the graphics look better in one pic then others. Some seem to have bump mapping while others don't...?

unsunghero284297d ago

An original title out originally intended for the Wii? That's dripping with blood and gore?

Wow. Never thought I'd see the day.

Asylumchild4296d ago

couldent agree more with you man. I injoyed this game on ps2 a lot but i rather play the second one on my ps3 insted of ps2 grafics. If they put time into it and had like awsome blood effects liek god of war and took great rag doll effects it would be awsome :( P.S. Wish i kept my Wii :( will have to play the ps2 version on my ps3 :)

Asylumchild4296d ago

that last pic reminds me of The suffering lol jsut thought id add that lol