Destructoid: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Review

So there you are with your friends, hanging out in Shibuya, Tokyo, minding your own business. Your chesty friend Yuzu (nicknamed Yoohoo) was busy being...well, chesty, while your nerdy friend Atsuro was rambling on about computers or something like that. All of the sudden, the sky goes dark, and the entire city of Tokyo is put on lock down by the Special Forces. You and your friends, along with all the other citizens, are trapped within the confines of the Yamanote circle, Tokyo's inner ring of train tracks.

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Homicide3797d ago

Another great score, but I do believe Dale North overrates Atlus games. Still, I can't wait to pick this game; looks like we have another quality RPG for the DS.

SpoonyRedMage3797d ago

Yup, I predict it will end up with an aggregate score of around 80-85. Looks really good anyway.