Playstation Cloud Rumor Busted

Internet message boards -- including IGN's -- are buzzing about the possible reality of PlayStation Cloud, a PlayStation Network portal that collects your saves, stats, and trophies for the world to see. Usually, these rumors come and go without much happening, but this poster -- originally on a Game Trailers message board -- included a photo with his leak.

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Fishy Fingers4383d ago

Strange to get a reaction so soon.. hmmm...

Sev4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Very strange. Hasn't this only been on forums for less than 2 hours?

Maybe this is like the Qore leak of the PSPgo. Staged.

uie4rhig4383d ago

whats your source saying on this? could you check if this is true?

kissmeimgreek4383d ago

didnt he say something similar about the psp go awhile back? hmmmmm... o well.this would be cool though

RememberThe3574383d ago

Rubenstein: "Now that it's been leaked, we're going to make it look a little different. So, the picture you see is 100% fake... Now..."

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Myst4383d ago

That was the shortest hype time I've ever been in...

*picks up PSP and goes back to playing Monster Hunter*

Sev4383d ago

LOL, better sooner than later.

Myst4383d ago

Lol true, but come on at least give me 30 minutes to enjoy the rumor :p

PirateThom4383d ago

Jeff does work for Sony though, so it's hard to take his word as fact on leaks. :P

Sev4383d ago

I couldn't agree more. I am going to do some digging. ;)

Mr_Showtime14383d ago

Take a hint Sony, we, the cusomers and the gamers, who spent alot of money on your console, want features like this, that's why people conjure up fakes. Take note of the positive reaction and get on the ball and develop something along the lines of this!

snaz274383d ago

i suppose i should ask why really? to me everything i just read sounded pointless anyway, in-game screenshots? why? uploading to youtube? hmmm ok i could see why maybe someone would want that but id never use it, and im sure there would be more people that wouldnt use it, than people who would.. you can access all your info from any ps3? again why?... now if we were talking skype on the ps3! hell yeah! in my opinion that should allready be done! cross game voice chat! yes (i wouldnt use it that much but i can see its uses, saves typing) in-game music on all games yes! there are loads of things we could do with but the stuff that this cloud was suppossed to do just sounds naff!

Mr_Showtime14383d ago

For starters, I really like knowing what my friends are doing, I like the competitiveness of trophies and I enjoy just the general social aspect. I also play the playstation around at friend's houses alot, so to be able to access my own save files from any playstation would be great. However I do agree that the Skype/ Cross game chat is a badly needed feature. This Cloud is just something I think would benefit the PSN service as a whole bringing about a greater sense of community that is lacking. :)

snaz274383d ago

but couldnt you just take your game saves via a usb stick? im aware some wont let you but most do right? you just cant earn trophies like that for obvious reasons... and you can log into your account from any ps3 already and see whos online etc, but if your at a friends playing games would you care what the rest is doing? or couldnt you get your friends to add your other mates? i do like the competition that trophies bring however, i just feel what your saying is already there, why dont they just focus on getting us some cool features that actually mean something at that people will actually use, i was dissapointed that there was no firmware announcement at e3, i thought it was a given that they would do something, but i was wrong lol, skype ps3 would have just made my year!

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