IGN: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

IGN writes: "Yes, I'm being hard on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, but it's only because the base game is so good that I expect a lot out of the series. Setting out to conquer Priscines and steal their livers is challenging, taking a bunch of ore and suping-up your armor is fun, and having one game that you can feasibly sink 500 hours into is exciting. I don't understand why you'd churn out this carbon copy of a game -- especially when the series is having trouble catching on in the states like it has in Japan -- but the fact that it's well worn territory doesn't stop it from being an impressive title.

If you're a huge Monster Hunter fan, you've already preordered (or imported) this game and hate me. I'm fine with that, but I have to point out that Unite offers welcome improvements (the game install, the ability to stack items in your box, and new monsters) but is pretty much the exact same experience people were playing two years ago. If you've never picked up a Monster Hunter before, feel free to get excited about Unite, but if you were on the fence about the last one, don't look for salvation here".

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Myst3804d ago

The best improvement of all is the 99 stacking of all items, other than not to much matters to me. After stealing rounds upon rounds of ammo for the guns from quests since I first started as well as the bottles for the bow I can say that improvement is much needed.

In a sense I agree with this review as well, that it may feel the same; but then again we never got Dos nor G (even though the portable versions are better) or even close to getting frontier which is the one I'd take over this version anyway, though over here in the states as well as in the UK I believe we can only take what we can get. If sales prove strong then maybe Capcom will have a more positive outlook on the series. A good start was the demo, now (and most know I care nothing about this) but for once I have to say I hope this game will have strong sales.

Especially since I think Capcom stated that depending on how well Freedom United/2G does in the West will give an indication of whether or not Tri~ will be a myth or fact.

ThanatosDMC3804d ago

I agree with 99 box limit. By the way, does anybody know if they toned down the blood again on the Unite version?

Piscine livers are nothing compared to Coral Cephalos Scales... guess, he never got to high rank or G-rank weapons.

be_wrong3804d ago

the improvements weren't just minor. it wasn't just a simple expansion, it's a system seller for one thing. there's almost 60% more to do and to say that returning players won't be getting anything worth revisiting is an understatement. unite (or 2g) offered tons and tons of improvements over the freedom 2. atleast the ign au team realized it.

ChampIDC3804d ago

I'm definitely picking it up. I've been out of the Monster Hunter scene for far too long.

gintoki7773804d ago

i guess its time to start playing the monster hunter series with the new psp im getting huh

Figboy3804d ago

but back when i had played it, there was nobody to quest with (here in the States it doesn't seem like the series sells that well, or maybe people in Los Angeles don't like Monster Hunter?).

i'd love to pick this up, but alas, i'm too broke from gaming splurges the past few months, and my wife wants me to cut back on my gaming spending because we need to budget >insert sad face here<

KillaManiac3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

If you have a ps3 you need to download Ad Hoc Party from the JPN store.

Its free and extremely easy to set up...players on all the time to play with!

Not to mention you can use text and voice chat also for communication in-game.

Figboy3804d ago

i'll definitely look into it!

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