Valkyria Chronicles: Squad Edie Challenge – Debut Trailer

GOONL!NE: SEGA's released the first trailer for the Squad Edie Challenge, the brand new piece of DLC coming to Valkyria Chronicles this week.

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evildeli3796d ago

I love Valkyria Chronicles. Just a killer game overall.

JL3796d ago

Agreed, this game is awesome. I love it. I'll be getting this DLC when it comes out as long as they don't overcharge and it has more than like one level to it.

Darrius Cole3796d ago

If it says Valkyria Chronicles then I'm there day one, pre-order, midnight release. I have my PSN account to make sure there is enough money in it.

cmrbe3796d ago

I want VC2 NOW!!.

Second best game this gen for me.

JL3796d ago

Totally agree. I want VC2 as well. I HOPE they make a sequel. I think I have to agree with you that this might be my second favorite game this generation, right behind Uncharted. Just the thought of a sequel excites me. I was late to buy Valkyria Chronicles, but if a sequel comes I'll be there day one for it.

DrWan3796d ago

Eddy's detachment was not worth the money, i beat it in one hour. Selvaria's mission took me a while because the missions are tiered and has to go back and Ace the missions. Hard EX mode, definately hard and probably provide the longest paying time

Please stick with 300 yen price tag (3 dollar ish)