Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: Going simply based on the name plastered on the box, you would be lead to believe you are playing the latest clone of Nintendo's popular Brain-Age series. As you investigate more you come to realize that Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles is instead a collection of two popular game styles, neatly packaged into one box. You are more than likely going to recognize one of the games included in the package: Sudoku. This popular number-based craze has been around for quite some time. The second one, Nonogram (or picture logic puzzles) is a bit more obscure, but fans of Picross will likely recognize it once they get into it. While two titles may seem a bit miniscule, there are a plethora of challenges to be found, but you have to really like both of these types of games to really get the full value packed into this DS cart.

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