Edge Review: Icarian - Kindred Spirits

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"Icarian drifts onto WiiWare in a delicate flutter of sunlight and feathers, a gentle fable invoking a dustier age, riddled with broken temples and buried beneath layers of burning sand. Rarely has a game spent this kind of effort cultivating such a brittle air: characters are loose-limbed and finely made, the landscapes are elegantly shattered vistas of heroic Greece, and even the handful of cut-scenes are built out of pottery. But beneath the exquisitely fragile presentation lies a surprisingly robust platformer. Like LostWinds before it, Over the Top's debut is a simple pleasure – and, at around three hours' duration, a fairly brief one – but the pace is perfect, the presentation is a subtle delight, and the dozen or so levels wring every last drop of creativity from the barest of mechanics."

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