Guesses for Amazon Gold Box PS3 Edition

Binge Gamer writes:
6:00 AM – Slice and dice, bub.
They start out with a pretty decent title, one of those cases where the game is better than the movie. X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

10:00 AM – If only Jack Ryan had his wings.
Out of all the clues, this is the only one that has me slightly confused. So I checked where all bargain gamers like myself would go, Cheap Ass Gamer. Most users are saying it is Tom Clancy's HAWX, so I'm going to agree for now.

Another guess is Bioshock (based on "Jack Ryan" being in the hint).

12:00 PM – Nothing Else Matters
C'mon Amazon, make it a little harder next time. Guitar Hero: Metallica.

3:00 PM – Prepare for the future.
This one I wasn't so sure on, but then vazel from GAF remembered that this was the tag line for Fallout 3.

A slight possibility though, is Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Seeing how you can already get this for thirty bucks new, I am still putting my money on it being Fallout 3 (especially with the "Game of the Year" edition, they probably want to get rid of this stock)

6:00 PM – Step into the ring with the Eighth Wonder of the World
Sorry to crush your hopes if you might have thought this is for Fight Night: Round 4, but my man Andre the Giant was once known as the Eighth Wonder (and also loved when he was known as Fezzik)

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xabmol4140d ago

Yes please!! I really hope it is GH: Metallica!!

xabmol4139d ago

And I got it!! :D

This is my last GH/RB game I will ever buy. Unless they make a GH: Death or a RB: Opeth. I'd kill for either of those. Seriously.