Alan Wake To Be Natal's Launch Title?

Master Samo writes: "I recently contacted Remedy to conduct an interview with them; the first part of the interview will be posted tomorrow. However, one of the answers that I received was so interesting that I had to post it today. While interviewing Oskari Hakkinen, Head of Franchise Development at Remedy Entertainment, I asked him whether or not Project Natal will be implemented, in some form, in Alan Wake. Surprisingly, his response was the following:"

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KionicWarlord2223805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )


*heart stops*

*edited post*
It`s Master Samo


It might actually be fun in alan wake "IF" its true.

But everyone should read article it has a lot of valid points:

"If you also consider the fact that White Night Chronicles, MAG, Mod Nation Racers, and DC Universe Online have an early 2010 estimated release date, and that God of War 3 is set to be released on March 2010, it would make sense to launch their new project earlier than expected. Despite the fact that Alan Wake is destined to be a phenomenal title, it would be unwise to assume that it could stand up against the PS3 titles that I just mentioned all by itself. However, the only way for Alan Wake to neutralize the PS3 titles, that are set to be released in early 2010, is if Microsoft decided to back it up with something huge, and what would be better than to launch Project Natal alongside it, make Alan Wake its launch title, include Natal gameplay elements in the Remedy game, and release an arsenal of casual titles, that utilize the new technology, to support Alan in his battle against the army lead by the mighty Kratos?"

He`s only speculating dont jump the gun folks.

qface643805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

fun at first then after a while it dies down like allot of things lately

id stick to the control myself

oh wait i just noticed hiphopgamer
i know people shouldn't judge a book by its cover but when it comes to HHG i can't help it
at least lately i can't

KionicWarlord2223805d ago

Obviously hiphopgamer likes what he does. Thats all that matters. HE trys to be informative and base his shows off his opinions.

But this isnt hhg it`s his staff member master Samo.

djevolve4203805d ago

THis would kick all sorts of Arse. let hope they use it in a new conker game, that I have been, waiting, waiting, waiting,
come on.

Master Samo3805d ago

@ djevolve420

There are several AAA titles that Rare is currently working on. Don't be surprised if one of them shows up this year. After all, Shane Kim did say at E3 09 that they still have several titles that they did not announce yet for 2009!

In addition, Rare is, in fact, working on something special for Natal, and Conker 2 is rumored to be one of the AAA titles in the works, so sit back and enjoy the rest of the year. Microsoft is not done yet!

God Bless You

Master Samo

GWAVE3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

If true, this would be so sad for so many reasons.

For one, a potentially awesome hardcore title like Alan Wake would be getting a healthy beatdown with the "gimmick stick", and we ALL know that's exactly what hardcore gamers want, right? I mean, if Nintendo had announced that Smash Bros Brawl would only use motion controls, would you be celebrating? And if Sony announced that your level of "sneakiness" in MGS4 was based on your facial expressions through the Eye, would people be singing Konami's praise?

For another, it goes to show how pathetic our video game media is. You could take any game. Literally ANY non-Natal game and run the headline of "such-and-such will be Eye/WiimotionPlus/WiiFit/etc launch title" and you'd hear the chorus of hardcore gamers crying out in agony. Yet, because these motion controls are on the 360, it MUST be hardcore, right? WOW, just wow. We've fallen so far. What's next?

really duh3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

It's also goofy ass speculation too. Natal or Alan Wake don't need to stand up to Sonys lineup alone Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2, Risen, Halo Reach, Gears of War 3 will release on 2010. These are the games that we know of so far. I might of left some out. I would say Sony has to step it up next year. Natal will launch with games designed for it.

MazzingerZ3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

"neutralize"? Does that mean make X360 owners believe they get the same type of games?...otherwise I don't see why GoW or GT5 fans would get a X360 Natal to play a new franchise like Alan Wake that even if awesome is the total opposite to the mentioned games...

By the way, launch title for natal is HALO:Reach (OF COURSE!)

gaffyh3805d ago

How come every single 360 title seems to be a Natal launch title? None of the announced games will be Natal titles, they may support it (doubtful), but it won't be the primary controller.

They will make specific games for Natal, who the f*** wants to play Alan Wake with no controller? Plus Natal is coming Late 2010, Alan Wake is coming Early 2010 (or at least I hope it is).

memots3805d ago

Is Natal is the only left for 360 owner? Why is it every other article is about natal this and natal that.

You guy are so desperate and you need a Mii and Wii controler clone and sudenly now its hardcore and waving you wand around is for real gamer?? I though Nintendo fan were not real gamer ..

I have a 360 and i think natal is stupid. i want games. i am happy that Halo addon is coming out but what else is there ?

Ill be playing the rest on my pc.

really duh3805d ago

The world is talking about Natal hence the articles. PS3 fans post just as many Natal articles for obvious reasons.

El Botto3805d ago

Natal isnt coming in 2010. The product is launching in 2012.

Master Samo3805d ago

@ Gwave
I only mentioned Natal possibly being in Alan Wake because the answer that the Remedy representative gave me. Furthermore, I understand your concern regarding Natal, but I assure you that from what I know, it will be huge. The problem with the Wii-mote is that most games were directed towards the casual gamer. Calling the Wii-mote a casual controller, and calling Natal a hardcore one simply because it is on the Xbox 360 is ridiculous. I believe that both are just ways of controlling games; they are neither hardcore, nor are they casual. What determines that is the game that utilizes them. Zelda: Twilight Princess is a hardcore game; I played it with the Wii-mote; it was an incredible experience. It was also a hardcore one. I doubt that they would make hardcore games using only Natal; they will certainly give yo the option to choose. More importantly, they will do something that Nintendo did not do. They will create games that will allow you to play with the normal Xbox 360 controller, and at the same time, utilize the Natal technology as well.

@ really duh

I know that Alan Wake will not be the only title for Microsoft in 2010. I was simply talking about it being the most important title to be released for Microsoft in early 2010. Most of the games that you mentioned will probably be released later on. As for Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach coming out at the same year. I doubt that Microsoft would do such a thing due to the fact that such an action would lead to a very weak 2011 line-up. The only reason that would push Microsoft to do it is if the PS3 started to catch to them by the end of this year, and if they already have something very special to blow us all away in 2011.

@ MazzingerZ

I agree that Halo Reach would be the best choice for a Natal launch title; I even mentioned that in the article. However, wouldn't be smart to launch Natal earlier than expected?

@ Odion

claiming that a site is "crap" doesn't really help anyone. If you want to be objective, I will listen to you. Criticize the site, criticize my article, but at least make your criticism constructive. In other words, tell me what you think needs to change, in your opinion, for the site and my articles to improve. I will grateful for that because feedback is one of the most important ingredients for success.

God Bless You All

Master Samo

n4g-gamer3805d ago

Help Ban HHG, his bs nonsese stories need to be purged from n4g.

Controversial tittle with a ? mark at the end.

Absolutely no proof anywhere in his article to support his views

Butchering of the English Language

These are the holy 3 traits of HHG

Only you can Ban him

Spread the WORD.

likedamaster3805d ago

"Natal or Alan Wake don't need to stand up to Sonys lineup alone Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2, Risen, Halo Reach, Gears of War 3 will release on 2010."

I was thinking the same thing. This guy is definitely delusional.

Jaces3805d ago

I really don't see Natal going anywhere. Just because it's on the news doesn't mean its revolutionary or going to be a hit. Hell, I could tell them you had an alien living in your ass and they'd bite.

It's like a fad really, great for a month or two then it dies down. Just like the PS Eye toy, never really found anything fun about it. If you guys want to jump around singing your heart out while playing a game, then that's fine by me but it's not exactly my cup of tea.

360 Fanboys can speculate all they want, you guys are no better than the PS3 fanboys. Gears of War confirmed for 2010...did'nt see that in any article I've read so far. Halo: Reach in 2010...oh they mean Christmas right?

Give it a rest.

really duh3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Why do you stalk me? This is a Xbox room why are you in here. We already know how you feel about everything Xbox your opinion isn't valid. Thats some rant considering all I said was Natal or Alan Wake won't be alone next year.

"give it a rest" stop tracking my comments man, in here trying to convince people Natal is fail before launch no one cares how you feel about it. Your reply doesn't even make sense nor does it relate to my comment but you did that to have an excuse to rant you fanboy rubbish.

Go get your head checked and give it a rest.

Rob0g0rilla3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

It wouldn't make sense to put Natal against Sony's lineup. They are going for two completely different crowds(hardcore and casual) on two different systems(360 and PS3). I'm sure if they had plans on using Natal with Alan Wake, we would of seen it demonstrated at E3.

JokesOnYou3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I have to disagree, I don't see any valid point at all. Alan Wake is a huge title by Remedy, that along with the rest of the "known" 2010 360 lineup WILL EASILY COMPETE just fine with ps3 lineup with or WITHOUT Natal. I Dont buy the hype, every year sony's "OMG lineup" is SUPPOSE to be the next best thing since sliced bread and micro easily ends up with many top notch games that rival ps3's exclusive lineup and depending on YOUR PREFERENCE 360 will once again have a better lineup. Whatever Natal brings to the table is a PLUS but either way HIS ASSUMPTION/SPECULATION based on the response to his question seems like a HUGE stretch, seriously its far too vague to make any conclusion....hell I'm sure there are all kinds of ideas bouncing around internally at Remedy and with many other devs concerning Natal's implementation in games since E3, but NOBODY has a clue at this point what we will see in 2010 but if you speculate and throw a thousand darts at the "Rumor Board" eventually you will hit the bullseye/be "right" about something.

I expect tons more speculation about Natal and whats coming and just as we've seen in the past 1 or 2 of the 100's of "unconfirmed" rumors will actually happen.

@GWAVE, yeah call it a "gimmick" or whatever you want but if the thing can be done in a immersive way in Alan Wake then I think plenty of *hardcore gamers would be all for it...wii is a different animal ninty has NOT even bothered to cater to the hardcore fans with all the shallow shovelware, fitness games and non-HD graphics console. Its obvious difference but of course you can't see beyond your jealousy to accept that this COULD make hardcore gaming experiences better, I have tons of ideas that would be potentially amazing, its not that hard to imagine. I doubt Natal will be used in Alan Wake, I think its a bit early for that, however I have no idea what the future holds and you trying to "prove" it can't work is useless because your motives are transparent. lmfao, Stop crying so much its pathetic. lol


KionicWarlord2223805d ago

Ok... your right. Didnt think about it that way. But it`s possible. Thinking about now does`nt seem likely.


Jaces3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I have better things to do rather than "stalk" you.

Convincing? Who's convincing, I'm just giving an opinion...oh yea forgot I can't say what I feel without getting accused of being a part of the "SDF".

I don't care if it's a 360, PS3 or Wii topic, I'm still going to comment on their articles. You just happen to be in the right place at the right time, sorry I pick on you seeing how a lot of what you say is nothing but garbled words with a little fanboyism added in for effect.

It's funny that you missed my comment on how I found the PS Eyetoy boring and uninteresting, obviously I must be a fanboy if I don't constantly praise the 360, GTFO. Whatever though, your points and opinions are just as invalid as mine considering you've nothing good to say about everything Sony.

Must be annoying having me correct you on your factless and unimportant rants.

Good day.

Alvadr3805d ago

These Natal stories get more and more ridiculous.. I would bet my life savings, house, car & job that Alan Wake does not even utilise Natal in the slightest.

Master Samo3805d ago

It does not matter how far-fetched certain arguments are as long as they are backed up by logical reasoning, and initiate a healthy discussion. You can argue anything you want. You can even argue why something as far-fetched as Activision acquiring Microsoft! just give your evidence, and make it an interesting read; regardless of whether or not your reasoning was strong enough to convince me, I will read it, and might even enjoy it.

Lastly, sometimes, writing articles is not about stating facts but about exploring new possibilities and ideas, and backing them up with points that could make sense. This is where many readers flip out when they shouldn't. Just read the article, enjoy it, then give your counter-argument. In other words, many readers are taking the fun out of the whole exploration experience that some writers provide. Regardless, I have nothing but respect for you, and I wish you all the best.

God Bless You

Master Samo

Master Samo3805d ago

To everyone that disagrees with the article, you are claiming that it is normal for developers to avoid commenting on things even if they are, in fact, not true. However, as a journalist, I am telling you that when they choose not to comment on something, it is probably because there is something in the background that they are not ready to share with the public. Developers can say: "No!".

For example, when there were rumors regarding Gears of War 3 coming out as a multiplatform title, Hiphopgamer asked Cliffy B directly whether or not we will see GOW 3 on the PS3, and his reponse was "NO!!". Another example, when Ubisoft was asked regarding the possibility of Splinter Cell: Conviction coming to the PS3, their response was even stronger than just a "NO!!"; it was "NEVER!!".

God Bless You All

Master Samo

Tito Jackson3805d ago

eat sh*t.

I dont care how Alan Wake is played, i just want to play it :)

Giriath3805d ago

I'm not clicking an HHG link, but God no! Don't mess up Alan Wake, pleeaase! It looks great!

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life doomer3805d ago


I should've not clicked the link!

Hey everybody don't worry, it's just hhg.


Xwow20083805d ago

the hate in hhg.
hes doing his job, also whats wrong with the article.
IF he talk about good things for xbox360( 360 fans like him and sony fans hate him) and if he talk about good things about ps3 the opposite happen.
PPL are retreaded these days, if u don,t like his articles don,t bother writing comments here K .

Odion3805d ago

His site has as much quality as a 6th grade paper, just because he likes to write crap, doesn't change the fact that it is crap.

jessehaysfl3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Xwow normally I'm with you stop the hate and all,

But this article is utter bullsh!t.

How is a PR response plugging a device Remedy isin't using a conformation that Alan Wake is a LAUNCH TITLE?


plz dont i would rather use he best controller in the world

FrankFoxJaegar3805d ago

OK, so because he didn't say yes or no, they assume he means it will be a launch title?

Pandamobile3805d ago

Couldn't care less.

I'll be playing Alan Wake with my good ol' mouse & keyboard.

TheColbertinator3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Yeah I was thinking of pre-ordering Alan Wake in the next few months for PC.I even upgraded to a new graphics card this month,a new Nvidia Geforce 9800.

memots3805d ago


Alan Wake looks like its gonna be awesome...

On my PC !

militant073805d ago

i dont think you will see alan wake on pc same time as 360 mabye 6month later ?

DevastationEve3805d ago

keyboard and mouse don't have rumble. and having to boot into Windows and log in means others will be playing the game before you've even clicked the icon on your desktop.

the pc version has the POTENTIAL of looking better...if you have $1000 to build a system that's good enough to play it.

you can probably build a phenom x2 quad/radeon hd 4870x2 system pretty cheap nowadays, given that you don't have to buy a monitor, speakers, or input devices. and don't forget a LICENSED copy of Windows while you're at it!

Pandamobile3805d ago

Wow, some people have no freaking clue...

Remedy are PC devs at heart and aren't going to shaft PC gamers by making us wait 6 months. Where the hell'd you hear that?

You can build a $500 PC that will completely max any game on the market (with the exception of Crysis).

And my PC starts up a lot faster than a console does.

From off to in game in about 30 seconds.

Also, rumble is useless. I'll be playing with my Novint Falcon by that time.

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