DPrime Review: Blueberry Garden

You as the player are controlling a toucan-esque animal, which you can walk and fly to various locations on that HUGE (sarcasm here) map. You control your character using the arrow buttons. You can then jump with the space-bar, but what's this? Hit the space bar two times after each-other and the toucan suddenly FLYS! The whole world is on a two-dimensional plane, so you can fly left and right, and walk left-to-right, and that's about it.

So about the story - or lack thereof. While walking around and flying across the world, you will encounter many very large objects that may resemble some of the following: a block of cheese, a camera, a big berry that is red, and a salt-shaker. Random? You betcha! So what do these items do, and what are their purpose in the game? Well, as you can see by the below picture, there is a door, and when standing in front of that door and pressing up, you will get on top of something to stand on. When you approach these large items that are scattered throughout the game, the closer you get, the screens starts almost disintegrating, and bam! As soon as you know it, you are in front of the door, and that item that you were by is now on that platform, and when you press up in front of the door, you will be on top of that new item. So when you fly off of these items that accumulate on this platform, you will be able to go farther.

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