Colbert Mocks Project Natal, Debuts New Xbox

Microsoft's Project Natal has been getting some of the best mainstream coverage to come out of E3, thanks to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and, now, Stephen Colbert. He mocked the tech last night during his "Bears & Balls" schtick.

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Whiskers5503d ago

Just got word that Bill Maher will be doing a special on Project Natal,"Reflopulous"

SpoonyRedMage5503d ago

Media's totally biased towards Microsoft./sarcasm

SnuggleBandit5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

ya but this is colbert...hes pretty much the opposite of mainstream american media and in a good way too

plus it wasn't a dig it was basically an ad

Godmars2905503d ago

But he's also a Sony fanboy :p

Spike475503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

what natal is, but as soon as "xbox" is mentioned, you have just advertised the xbox360 to anybody watching the show.

Just watched it, man Colbert never dissapoints, lol at the skater joke!!

ShabzS5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

indeed ... its definitely not publicity but i guess xbox and natal being mentioned on the daily show or the colbert report is actually a good thing for xbox

@read disc error below

well duh !!

madkrazygames5503d ago

it was just humor, you xbox fanboys are patheic, go play ghostbusters or something. Why the hell does he have to be a sony fanboy, that doesn't even make sense.

read disc error5503d ago

in b4 anyone realizes the op is being sarcastic

Godmars2905503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

"you xbox fanboys are patheic"

Yes. Yes we are.

"in b4 anyone realizes the op is being sarcastic"

And a PS3-only owner.

I'll watch it on Hulu on my PS3 later...:p

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