The MMO Report: Morgan Webb Guest Hosts

This week the beautiful Morgan Webb tells you all about how CCP plans to announce their follow-up to EVE Online, the new Smuggler class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Warhammer Online's latest live expansion the Land of the Dead. Yeah, it's a great week, so press play and enjoy.

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JOLLY14120d ago

I should really try and ask her out this year at PAX.

solar4120d ago

she's married. and i agree with the attractive part.

JOLLY14120d ago

Glad I found that out before I tried and got totally rejected!

Bolts4120d ago

Casey was ok but I found Morgan's boobs to be refreshing change of pace. In fact, I hope Casey die a horrible, horrible death.

Enigma_20994119d ago

... and TO HELL with anyone that disagrees!!!

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