The MMO Report: Morgan Webb Guest Hosts

This week the beautiful Morgan Webb tells you all about how CCP plans to announce their follow-up to EVE Online, the new Smuggler class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Warhammer Online's latest live expansion the Land of the Dead. Yeah, it's a great week, so press play and enjoy.

JOLLY15502d ago

I should really try and ask her out this year at PAX.

solar5502d ago

she's married. and i agree with the attractive part.

JOLLY15502d ago

Glad I found that out before I tried and got totally rejected!

Bolts5502d ago

Casey was ok but I found Morgan's boobs to be refreshing change of pace. In fact, I hope Casey die a horrible, horrible death.

Enigma_20995501d ago

... and TO HELL with anyone that disagrees!!!

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Third-Party as BioWare Focuses on Mass Effect and Dragon Age

EA is nearing an agreement to move the ongoing development and operation of MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic from BioWare to third-party studio Broadsword Online Games, IGN has learned. The move is intended to allow BioWare to focus on Mass Effect and Dragon Age.


Star Wars: The Old Republic Still Receiving Updates 11 Years Into Release

A new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out on PC and the patch notes provide us with an in-depth look at all the new changes.

PapaBop471d ago

I loved this game and have played since launch but don't let this article fool you, this game is a step above life support. While they are still technically updating the game, the updates are few and far between and there is a significant lack of quality control, so many little bugs that have been present for years.

TheColbertinator471d ago

The updates felt flimsy to me also. Stopped playing in 2021.

Andrew336471d ago

This game got a huge update last year didn't it with more content?

PapaBop471d ago

They promoted it as an expansion yet offered like 3-4 hours of content. The game is amazing and easily one of the best Star Wars games ever made but content drops are so few and far between.


SWTOR In-Game Events for January 2023

SWTOR players, get ready for a new month of exciting in-game events! Here's what's coming up in January 2023.

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