Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia demo released

The official demo for Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia has been released on the XBox Live marketplace and can be downloaded now if you're an Xbox Live Gold member. Xbox Live Silver members will need to wait at least seven days to download the demo.

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Havince4266d ago

iv been considering getting tis when its released next week or whenever it is, a demo will really help me decide

Havince4266d ago

didnt realise its out til enda NEXT month......did it get delayed or summet ????

dim currently at work and dont know if i will get chance 2 download it tonighs might be saturday

so anyone who has git it a it any good ?????

uuuunvnv24266d ago

I thought it was good, just needs to be able to turn a lil faster. but looks like it will be worth the wait.

Alymon4266d ago

I didn't like it. I'd rate it 2/5 based on the demo.

Controls were a little awkward, camera angle was awkward, graphics were mediocre.

Basically it felt like a giant XBLA title. I'd pay maybe $20-25 for it, but not $60.

Seems like a non super-hero version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Havince4265d ago

camera is turd

its difficult to shoot where u want,

its good you can pick up whatever u want (the actual xbox in the game) but them weapons were rubbish. also the jumping and dodge was [email protected]

i liked the graphics tho, and i bet 4 player online is good aslong as it runs smoothly