Retailers Can Still Play in Digital Future

According to the update from Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian, brick-and-mortar retailers don't need to worry about being left out of the game sales loop--at least not yet.

"While traditional retailers may appear to be the odd one out of this emerging digital market, we believe it will be at least several years before consumers are regularly downloading full console games due to storage capacity constraints, bandwidth issues, and piracy concerns," wrote Sebastian.

Even after full digital downloads on consoles hit their stride, retailers such as GameStop could still play a role, selling point-cards that could be used for microtransactions and other larger purchases.

Sebastian even said that he expects GameStop to eventually introduce its own download service, which would be a major step to keep traditional retailers in the loop.

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TheMART6180d ago

But I bet in about 2 years one has the choice.

Or download a 360 game for 39 Euro's
Or buy one on disc for 59 Euro's

They just cut in distribution, marketing and selling costs.

And that's great for us consumers. Another great advantage over the PSZero. Which I bet won't get that to manage. You have to buy BetaBluRaydiscs for 89 Euro's a piece.