Blood of Bahamut : Special Trailer Volume 3

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Blood of Bahamut, called Special Trailer Volume 3.
You can check it on PortableRPG because the video can't be embeded.

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PS360WII4116d ago

You know the more I see of this game the more intrigued I get over it :)

SpoonyRedMage4116d ago

You better be intrigued!

Just looking at Square Enix's record on the DS the likelihood of it being a bad game is negligible.

PS360WII4116d ago

I agree fully. This game looks so different then their norm which is why it's so interesting.

SpoonyRedMage4116d ago

Yer, the presentation is kind of artsy in my opinion. Even the music is...

Square Enix need to advertise it though, The Last Remnant proved that advertising is key to a JRPGs success in the west as despite overall doing badly it could be considered a mild success in Europe. Especially considering TWEWY only sold 20K in Europe.

fatstarr4115d ago

this game has potential.

with some marketing it could have a cult flolowing like The World Ends With You imo best game of its kind. lol its so new and unique.

just push some crazy adds