Forza Motorsport 3 New Screenshots

GameNews24Update: "New screens of Aston and Ferrari are up."

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Jack Klugman3590d ago

the definitive next gen racing sim right here. And it's coming out this year! Time to get excited!

SaberEdge3590d ago

Really, really impressive. Nobody can deny that Forza 3 is looking seriously good.

phosphor1123590d ago

If I recall, GT had more cars than Forza 3, same amount of cars on screen and TAUGHT you racing lines..not showed them for you.

Granted it will be a solid game, but "definitive?" I doubt it. It will be a great all around racer, but if they plan on making it a definitive racing/driving sim, they need to cut the casual crap and focus on the details. Don't even say they are doing tire flex. While that does exist, it doesn't look like that. Included picture as example. ( )

Also, tire flexing has been done a couple of years ago on Live for Speed. Tire flexing actually affects the handling of the vehicle in the game. So far Forza 3's is just cosmetic.

Don't get me wrong, this will be a great game. But for it to be a definitive racer, Turn 10 needs to drop some of the things they are trying to do. They are trying to be the jack of all trades... causing them to be the master of none.

Fleet Fox3590d ago

Phosphor when we see Forza 3's reviews in October I think we're gonna know loud and clear who the jack of all trades/master of all is.

DelbertGrady3590d ago

Correction: GT has more skins, not more cars. You can barely customize them in GT, and the driving mechanics are awfully static. 200mph in GT feels like 100mph in Forza.

menoyou3590d ago

Doesn't look that good in these pics. Maybe these are real pics as opposed to the filtered high resolution pics they've been giving out lately (bull-shots).

Anyway, I love the customizing features in Forza, but definitive racer? Lololol, c'mon now. You really let their marketing tactics work on you that easily? Game hasn't even come out yet and you already believe them? lolol. Desperation at its finest.

phosphor1123590d ago

GT1 had 172 (148 unique) cars.
GT2 had 600 (587 unique) cars.
GT3 had 150 cars. (lol? 150?)
GT4 had about 700 cars.

Starting from GT3, every car that was similar still had different models. Whether a spoiler, or other physical features, each car looks different. You can even check yourself.

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Chicken Chaser3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

really? haha your lack of imagination is amusing! Congratulations on being so original ;)

I'm flattered that someone took time to create a copy of my account.. even thou is kinda sad you know

Here..take a bubble! and remember to keep it up! :D

TheColbertinator3590d ago

Hahahaha Attack of the Clones?

green3590d ago

well they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Chicken Chaser3590d ago


Aww so cute! I can't believe someone went step by step to create an account to be just like me!

Same name,Same Picture..he even needs to log out from his accounts to sing as me! :D how great is that?

you know.. i appreciate all your work but you and i just...wouldn't work.. I'm straight you see, but don't get offended i know you tried hard! ;)

littletad3590d ago

I gave him a bubble too. It's kinda envious, I admit.

003590d ago

Now you can be in two places at once on N4G.

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Approved3590d ago

i already chose need for speed shift

soxfan20053590d ago

You're not alone. Many people will choose NFS Shift because the NFS games are simpler games, with simpler options and simpler gameplay, and a lot of people just aren't good enough at racing games to handle a sim like Forza.

DelbertGrady3590d ago

I'm choosing both =)

NFS Shift won't be anything like the past NFS games this gen. It's being developed by a great team of people. I think it will surprise the doubters.

II Necroplasm II3590d ago

NFS shift must have Morgan Freeman in the PS3 version.

DasBunker3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

*cough*"bulletshots" *cough*

EDIT: disagrees? ok ok they look sh*t*y and forza 3 will suck visually how was i able to think otherwise.. there you go.. happy now?

Chicken Chaser3590d ago

Che from Turn 10 already stated they are not bullshots

"CHE- "Screenshots released so far are photomode shots. I'm usually the one that takes them. Trust me, I don't have teh l33t CG and photoshop skillz"

popup3589d ago

Yep, photo mode.

The game does not run in Photo Mode though.

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