ThePlayStatioNetwork Review: inFamous

TPSN editor Ryan Gray has been working his way through Empire City, riding it of evil and he seems to like doing it too. That's right, TPSN have got their inFamous review up and have given it a damn good score, deservedly so.

From the review:
""inFAMOUS" is a pretty basic set up for any super-hero game, comic book, or even movie. An unexpected accident occurs, which gives the protagonist super powers. You have your powers, and they develop as the game progresses. Trying to keep this as spoiler free as humanly possible while still getting the point across, this does not mean inFAMOUS is just any other super-hero game. This is the holy grail of super hero games, and you'll be hard pressed to find a better one anywhere else within recent years. Sucker Punch definitely knew it was catering to the hardcore gamer, and even comic book readers. The story will unfold in a few ways. Some events will be through phone calls, some will be in-game cut scenes; both of which are mediocre. Luckily, this isn't the way most of the main focal points of the story are told. The best part of inFAMOUS' story telling, and mostly why the presentation is so fantastic, is due to the comic book style cut scenes used. For one, it really stresses the super-hero vibe intended by the title. It's also a strangely effective way of showing the plot unfold, maybe because the drawings are so easy on the eyes. Regardless, it was the best choice in terms of story, and Sucker Punch nailed it. Keep in mind that the story is also very good, and you'll pay attention til the very end."

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taco_tom2374483d ago

this game is so much fun i got it a couple of days ago and i almost have platinum!!!