Red Steel Developer Blog #1

From ReadSteel Blog : "My name is Marie-Sol Beaudry, producer of Red Steel here in the Ubisoft Paris studio. We're excited to share bits of information here on the ongoing development of this Wii exclusive launch title. Along with me, you'll get to hear from our creative director, lead designer, art director and others on their areas of expertise.

We were really excited by everyone's response to the Nintendo Wii at E3 and were thrilled to showcase Red Steel at the Nintendo press conference. After working so long on this project in complete secrecy, it was great to not just show the game but to also let people play it for the first time.

For this initial Blog entry, we want to talk about the Wii controller and how we're using it to it is fullest."

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Gamer136450d ago

Red Steel looks like a very good game.


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MCTJim2932d ago

I agree, I loved this game and Ryse. Definitely too much hate for these games.

ZaWarudo2931d ago

That Batman MP sucked ass, but the campaign was awesome. It had the best writing and boss fights in the series.

AKR2931d ago

I agree with the addition of Lost World. It wasn't perfect, but neither was it a bad game. Heck, when you have games like Sonic 06' and Rise of Lyric, calling it a bad game would be an INSULT.

Segata2931d ago

Lost World is a pretty good game and some of the levels esp early on are pretty much Genesis levels in 3D with branching paths and momentum based. The articles is one of 4 people I seen online ACTUALLY understand what Sonic is. It's not speed but momentum on Genesis.

TXIDarkAvenger2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Sadly, Star Wars: Battlefront is NOT Battlefield with a Star Wars skin. If it was, the game would be much better.

I had no idea Red Steel was hated so much. That was one of the better Wii launch games IMO. Had a lot of fun playing multiplayer.

iplay1up22931d ago

I liked Red Steel too! Red Steel 2 as well. I do not care for Red Steel 2's graphics so much, but a fun game!

TXIDarkAvenger2931d ago

Wow I forgot there was a Red Steel 2! And judging from the ratings, it seems way better.

blawren42931d ago

Just think, within every trash bag, box, and everything else shootable there is money. We could all be rich!!

But seriously...Red Steel 2 was fantastic

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