Dante's Inferno (PS3 PSP X360) Box Art Revealed

Here is the final version of Dante's Inferno Box Art ......

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Forrest Gump3778d ago

Interesting choice of color.

Forest Gumps3778d ago

If only covers were indications of how games actually are!

thomo18883777d ago

Two forests. WTF Although the first is the original.

MurderMyDoll3778d ago

Looks great, lets hope the game is too.

kalebgray923778d ago

oh wait this wont sell on ps3 cuz everyone will wait for god of war 3..... including me gotta release some gameplay for me to consider renting this

himdeel3777d ago

...this game may hold people over until GOW3. I'm uncertain how it will sell but I'm hoping for a demo to give it a dry run before making any hard and fast decisions.

Transporter473777d ago

I never knew there was a PSP version of this game lol, wonder if its different

Cajun Chicken3777d ago

I like that. Looking out for this one, didn't actually know that this was out before GoWIII. I'm all up for clones, as long as its a GOOD clone.

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