Home galore

Talk writes:"So today both the North American and European Home will receive new spaces."

A rundown of all the new content/spaces.

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TheBand1t4280d ago

Screw MacDonalds and KFCrap, I want a Popeye's and a Steak n' Shake space.

Godmars2904281d ago

An under sea or moon base apartment, or something with a mech garage attachment.

Jack Klugman4280d ago

paying money for virtual doll houses for the loss.

ZILLA4280d ago

the 2 thing they need to ad is a pool table in the sitting area of the GUITAR HERO room,that would make it feel like a real rock club.and the other is they need an adult room with great lighting and music,it would be packed!PLAY B3YOND!!!

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