Fight Night Round 5 coming in 2011

EA Sports President Peter Moore was interviewed at E3 2009 about the company's fighting franchises. He noted that Fight Night and Mixed Martial Arts releases will alternate years. Adding Fight Night Round 5 would then arrive in 2011.

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shocky163597d ago

That's a fine time in-between this game and FNR4.

I bet i'm the only one who enjoyed the demo too. =/

mintaro3596d ago

I loved the demo also, and will defenitley be buying this game.

Mindboggle3597d ago

Im happy with this, every 2 years is good. As it gives more time to change the game and offer a new experience, instead of creating yearly realeses with little to no improvements and charging £40 for it, when its essentially the same.

Im also very interested in their MMA game, if they can make it as good as fight night it will be amazing.

LinuxGuru3596d ago

Can we worry about Fight Night Round 4 please?