Top's Podcast Expansion Pack #30

Britxbox writes: "Apologies for the lack of the promised second podcast for E3...this isn't it either.

We are back, after Mark "Born2beSlicker" Lawson was gone for a while, so to make it up to you we just kept talking about many things. Some of them were even about games! The Expansion Pack talk this week about:

Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island
Fuel and what the hell is wrong with Codemasters?
Virtua Tennis 2009
SEGA Vintage Collection and why Comix Zone is awesome
CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars
Sacred 2
Molyneux wants to promote Rare
New Xbox with Natal?
Will 360 last until 2015?

This show is a fair bit longer (1:13 hours), let us know if you like these longer more calm shows with tangents not about gaming constantly (or tangents on gaming) or do you prefer the 30-45min style pure game show? We'd be interested on your feedback this week.

Oh and don't forget that we're back on iTunes."

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