Eurogamer Face Off - Round 20

Yes, the Ghostbusters one.

"Eurogamer is happy to reveal that its coverage has evolved once more. Our comparison features have traditionally been rich with video and screenshot-based assets that are the best they can be possibly be, but with the arrival of this landmark, the brand new Eurogamer HD video player comes into play, giving you the choice of watching either the cropped 1:1 pixel-mapped embedded video streams, or else a higher-quality 720p presentation"

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Bleem3603598d ago

These guys are the only ones I trust when it comes to comparisons.

Looks like earlier reports of Ghostbusters inconsistencies were pretty spot on. Personally, I found the Prototype comparison more interesting as I've no chance of seeing a 360 version of Ghostbusters unless I import.

Damn you sony for making me wait 6 months for the PAL 360 version. Don't get me wrong, I've got a PAL PS3 too but I'm sticking to the principle of the whole thing.

I'll wait.

The Master Chief3598d ago

Eurogamer says Prototype runs better on Xbox 360. Oh knoes.

Bleem3603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Yeah, but in defence of the PS3 - they did say it was only marginally better on 360 and that the developers had taken time to tweak the engine for each console.

Bionic Commando wins for PS3 - I'm sure I read somewhere it had only sold 10,000 copies in the US though.

xabmol3598d ago

Lazy devs don't get my money. PS3 has proven time and again that it is a graphics powerhouse and any dev worth their salt can make multi's run 90-95% equal, but this 75% crap just doesn't cut it. Still gonna play it though.

Blockbuster here I come!

edhe3598d ago

Sony was the lazy party when not provide game company-friendly hardware or tools.

Everyone else has 'em.

AKNAA3598d ago

My gawd, this comparison is so embarrassing as a ps3 owner. Just look at it! the ps3 version looks like sh1t compared to 360! all blurry looking and everything, WTF?!
I hope nobody buys this crap( especially ps3 owners) so the developers can get financially f$#@Ked like those guys who made haze!
The PS3 is capable of doing waaaay better than this! 360 owners also know it and yet the fanboys are talking sh1t like its 2007 again?!
give it a rest, don't blame the hardware, blame the incompetent developers.

LightofDarkness3598d ago

Geez, usually the differences are minute at best, but this one's a deal breaker. They really dropped the ball on this one. But in fairness, this game was designed in such a way that it takes more advantage of the 360's strengths and not the PS3's. It relies on high resolution textures and normal maps to convey it's details, not pure geometry and shader programs (which the PS3 excels at).

Why dis3598d ago

"Differences are minute at best" Not all devs will hold back the 360 version to match the ps3 version the competition is too great with other devs.