What I've Learned So Far From Going To Video Game Conventions

PixelatedGeek says "In the past few months, I've been fortunate to attend this year's Game Developer's Conference and Electronic Entertainment Expo. I will additionally be present at Comic-Con, Penny Arcade Expo, Blizzcon and (perhaps?) Tokyo Game Show. I've always been a spectator – it wasn't until this year that I've been lucky enough to be considered a part of the industry. And during this time, I've mingled with, been courted by, taken shots with, been harassed by, become Facebook friends with and developed friendships with people from the video game companies who make the games that I've been playing all of my life."

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iseven3595d ago

awesome and informative article. Guess I know what to expect if I ever get to go.

Forrest Gump3595d ago .industry....

iseven3595d ago can sit here if you want.

squee3595d ago

where are the half-naked chicks posing with guitar hero controllers

Marceles3595d ago

The Mario dude scared them all away

nothere3595d ago

"Nobody gives a sh*t about your small video game blog."

Too true ... gotta push hard for recognition. Even if an event will let you in as "press", it does not mean the world at large will even think to consider you a contender.

shutupandgame3595d ago

I like rooting for the underdog. Most of the sites I visit are the smaller blogs. Great article!

Fullish3595d ago

same, I run a small gaming blog.
Always great to see them get respect

solidxz3595d ago

Yeah, the smaller sites are usually my favorite. Don't really trust the big sites to be unbiased after the Gamespot Kane & Lynch fiasco. And small blogs tend to have more personality.

DragonWarrior_43595d ago

chill out on the guy man. You guys are way too hard on people sometimes. BTW, I learned alot just by my friends going to E3. Its all work, and hardly any play. That is if you work for a credible site of course. Also, it cost alot of money even if you get a free pass. Food, hotels, plane tickets. Plus you can just watch everyone who gets paid to do it instantly online or on G4. I would never waste my time going to E3 or the like unless I got paid to do it working for G4, IGN, gamespot ect.

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