Sony Has Everything To Lose Going into E3

Since the beginning of this generation, Sony has had the advantage, much to many people’s surprise. They are dominating across all territories, including the one territory where their biggest competitor, Microsoft, was thought to be unbeatable. However, with three things on their side; price, power, and gamers, they’ve managed to exceed their own sales goals significantly, but E3 might be devastating for the company.

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XiSasukeUchiha3286d ago

Sony will succed this E3, I Sasuke Uchiha swear to this!

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So Kaguya didn't put you into Infinite Tsukuyomi did she? You seem to be in real life. By the way how does it feel to be the very last Uchiha alive again?

UltimateMaster3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Sony doesn't have much to loose this E3.
All they should focus now is making great games.
Delivering great experiences and services.

italkgame3286d ago

Off topic but still relevant; Itachi confirmed in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.
- Don't believe me?
Take a close look at the end of the latest trailer you'll see one of his crows burrowing its way into an enemy's skull via the poor fellow's eyes only to burst out the back of his head seconds later.

morganfell3285d ago

Sony has plenty of weapons in their arsenal. These sites never learn. I'm sorry, what did yousay IGN?

andibandit3285d ago

The expectations Tomorrow for Sony's E3 are quite high. When youre on top of the game, it's hard to go higher.

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joab7773286d ago

This article is dumb. They will both have great E3's. Its the 1st yr after launch in which they can showcase the future...and we r all hyped for it.

Gimme a break with these articles!

supes_243286d ago

This article is very dumb, I agree. The first paragraph he states the reason the ps4 is doing so well is price only. Bullcrap, many people were pissed at MS policies they tried to force on gamers and we did the talking with our wallets. Price isn't that much of a factor, especially $100, when you have months to pay it off with a preorder. These article are so aggravating. Instead of appreciating what we have this gen with these awesome consoles, we have dumbasses like this trying to ridicule every chance they get for the other console they didn't buy. It screams desperation and jealousy.

Edsword3285d ago

The fact is, other than maybe a fraction of the gaming community, no one else really cares about E3. Sony could bomb the show and it would have an impact, but they would not lose everything as the article suggests. MS has more to lose or gain as I see it. MS needs to turn around the perception of the XB1 and has thus far failed to do so.

madpuppy3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

The reason why Sony has everything to lose is because there is nothing left to win, when your handing the competition it's ass at every turn by doing nothing more than providing hardware, games and policies that the consumer wants the only way to break that combo is to get greedy or smug. So far, Sony has been careful to not make that mistake again and they had a great lesson for what happens when you do get greedy and smug in what Microsoft tried to do.

yellowgerbil3286d ago

I bubbled up you, don't make me regret it...

ABizzel13286d ago

I agree somewhat, but E3 for Sony isn't about losing anything. A great E3 for Sony is the chance to crush the competition moreso than it already is, and a bad - average E3 for Sony gives the competition breathing room they didn't have a month or two ago.

As far as the article goes Price will have no effect on the PS4. It's still the more powerful hardware for the same price without any of the stigma that the XBO still has from it's launch reveal. The $399 XBO is nothing more than a way to sell more XBO's to the 360 audience that was waiting for a cheaper SKU. It's not taking PS fans, and it doesn't fix the majority of issues surrounding the XBO brand image, but it does help MS out in the long run, buy offering cheaper entry into their new platform.

Power as I said earlier will still go to Sony. Also the Wii example is a bad one, because casual gamers made the Wii a huge success, not core gamers.

Finally Games / Gamers. Sony has proven over 3 generations of console they have a huge fanbase and following with an average of 114m consoles sold between their 3 home consoles, and their worse selling console closing in on 83 million (and still selling well). The PSOne had great games, the PS2 has great games, and the PS3 had great games and many GOTY awards, so it's logical to think that the PS4 will also have many great games as well.

There's nothing Sony can really do to have a bad E3, since they've been so quite game-wise there's bound to be some surprises, and even if they show off all the things we know are coming exclusively, and focus the rest on 3rd party and indie it's still going to be a solid showing. But we know we'll see new games at E3 like Project Beast, as well as games from more of Sony's first party studios.

One final thing people seem to constantly forget that of the big 3 Sony is the only one who goes to all 3 conference (E3, Gamescom, and TGS) and shows new games at all 3, which is why they don't put all their eggs in the E3 basket. The other two often miss one (Nintendo Gamscom, and MS generally TGS although they're launching in Japan this year so missing TGS isn't happening), or they show up with the same offerings from E3.

E3 is tomorrow, so let's just sit back wait, and enjoy it. :D

mediate-this3286d ago

Games sell the consoles, not power, power is an arguement for fanboys. Fun, great games sell comsoles.

The price does too, now that xb1 is cheaper it will do better, but ps4 just cane out with all the right things out the door, it got hype, power( for the fanboys), it has no real games out, it has the better multiplats, but the games coming in will be sick. Xb1 came out all cocky. Power obviously is a selling point, but of the games are great and fun i think trumps power in a way.

I got all three and loving them, they all serve a purpose

Talidan3286d ago

Saw a kid in Gamestop the other day who was getting a PS4. His mom asked, "Why not another Xbox, you liked that one most" (I assume referring to the kid preferring the 360 before). He said, "Nonono, I want the Playstation 4. It's stronger!"

Kind of annoying occurrence, with how kids can be (loud mostly), but shows that kids are wanting it for the power, even though they probably have no idea what that actually means.

liquidhalos3286d ago

I've got a sneaky suspicion that the only thing with everything to lose after E3 is going to be our wallets. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all bound to bring their A game to help fuel our gaming addictions. I can't wait.

rainslacker3286d ago


That's an example of word-of-mouth at work. A lot of people probably don't understand the difference. But if you go around the net there is a common theme that it is more powerful, and it costs less. That kind of thing resonates for a long time and eventually it gets back to people like that kid. That's why even with a Xbox One price drop, there are still going to be people that perceive it as less powerful, and the price drop may not even register with some of them.

MetaReapre3285d ago

The whole power argument is the reason a lot of people are going to ps4, word of mouth has been very powerful with the whole ps4 is the strongest console and everyone is hearing that and wanting the better multiplats and what not, people have been going to ps4. Not saying that it is the whole reason, the price does play a huge part in it but along with the price that is the biggest selling point.

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Copen3286d ago

The PS4 has been selling itself off word of mouth and goodwill towards gamers. The only big games to date have been Killzone and Infamous SS and I got to include Watch Dogs since it's been Co marketed with Sony and the PS4 so yeah there hasn't been a lot of big games and yet Sony has amassed almost a 2-1 world wide sales advantage. So in truth Sony doesn't need to win E3 to keep the train moving and the momentum on their side. There's no doubt big games sell consoles even though Titanfall didn't really "save" the X1 with the PS4 having the advantage of superior multi plat games and most games these days are 3rd party will continue to keep the PS4 ahead of the X1 and when the big games do come they'll continue to sell obscene numbers of PS4's. Microsoft doesn't allow cross play so the PC ports that the PS4 gets are for all intents and purposes console exclusive games that the X1 will never get. Games like War Thunder & Planetside 2, War Frame the upcoming H1Z1, Loadout these games will be (and some are already) huge games in their own right you couple that with Sony's first party studios who have proven to support the consoles throughout the entire gen and you can really see why the PS4 simply can't be stopped no matter what MS does.

DanteVFenris6663286d ago

Just to tell you planetside 2 and H1Z1 are both made by Sony online entertainment so they are first party. As well as those they also made dc universe online and are making Everquest next

y7jzdgy3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I respectfully disagree. Sony has had it too easy while coasting well ahead in sales with very little to show for it. Yes the PS4 has more games overall than the X1 but what people continuously neglect to mention is that most of them are just indie games with a few ftp, but most important, almost all of those games can be played on another platform. Which is hardly a selling point the way I see it.

Sony can't afford to sit back at E3 especially after all the positive changes that MS has recently made which effectively removes any advantages Sony had.


* a non Kinect sku meaning a competitive price point

* X1 will be releasing in more countries compared to now

* all apps no longer behind a pay wall

* Games for Gold mirrored after PS+

On top of that MS has gutted their management and replaced them with capable people. They have also been pumping mad money into game development creating much needed new IP's.

It's crystal clear that MS are very serious about making the X1 a success and have the means to do so, they shouldn't be taken lightly even by nostalgic PS fans.

If Sony are going to keep their heads above water they need to keep the focus on games; exclusive games! They need to almost match MS exclusive for exclusive to stay relevant and they need to avoid talking up indies. If they can do this it will just come down to personal preference with what games people prefer.

Magicite3286d ago

If Sony wins E3, they can make unrecoverable blow to competition.
If they don't win, competition can have a slight chance to...compete.

Kavorklestein3285d ago

Okay, Mr. fortune teller man... Since you're giving out free crystal ball scry sessions, can you tell me who is going to win?

I mean, since you clearly "know" that Sony "winning" E3 would somehow = an unrecoverable situation with certainty... then also, tell me... what am I gonna eat for dinner on Thursday?

FanboyKilla3286d ago

Lol cant wait to read n4g after e3. Gone be epic listening to sony fans rants.

solidjun53285d ago

I'm sure it was epic hearing you cry after E3 last year. I mean, you were using your alt account, but still epic.

MetaReapre3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

N4g is just going to be a huge battle ground after the conferences... I think I'll stay away from the comments for a little while after today lol

ITPython3285d ago

I dunno, I think MS is the one that has everything to lose at E3. Because if they don't announce something, or many things, that are absolutely miraculous, the XB1 will be done for with no chance of recovery.

Whereas with Sony, they could make some major mistakes, or have very little to announce, and still end up on top. After all the PS4 has the hardware advantage and multiplat advantage all generation long. And from previous experience, we know Sony has the first-party exclusives locked down, so it really doesn't matter how bad they could screw up.

Technically Sony doesn't even need to show up at E3 and they would still outsell the XB1 on a monthly basis.

MS on the other hand has a HUGE amount to prove to gamers in order to get them to take a chance on the XB1. So unless they are flawless in this years E3 with tons of mind-blowing announcements, they will be done for.

DualWielding3285d ago

Well Microsoft situation cannot get any worse than it is so in a way they have nothing lose, only Sony who is in the lead can lose

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IronFist3286d ago

True though, they did too well this year, and if they mess up slightly, they will be punished

GameDev13286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

mess up slighty? how? like disappoint with games??

The playstation has always been an successful established brand, even if they disappoint a bit this E3.The PS4 will still be very successful

People forget there are many E3's in a console generation

iamnsuperman3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Punished how? by a month of Post E3 madness from the internet community. Will that really matter in the grand scheme of things (as long as they don't do appallingly)? Momentum won't change with one E3

DigitalRaptor3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

They messed up with the PS3, in comparison to the previous 2 generations, and still ended up beating Microsoft. If both consoles had released simultaneously, PS3 would be currently leading the Xbox 360 by 11 million unit sales.

Both consoles this gen launched at the same time and PS4 is whipping the Xbone by 3.5-4 million units. If Sony messes up slightly, it won't affect them in the slightest. If they mess up massively, it will affect them quite a bit, but not enough to damage their market share and capacity as lead console this generation.

The PS4 momentum is not winding down, and there are more games coming, not less. All Sony has to do is do what established their brand and bring lots of interesting games with tons of diversity.

joab7773286d ago

I agree but what r they gonna do? Are they gonna raise the price, discontinue Morpheus and the Vita? Tell us we will never get mp3 and dlna? C'mon.

Pogmathoin3286d ago

Its all embarrassing.... Going to be a great E3, a great year and many more to come...... If people like to talk about imaginary battles, thats fine, but Sony, MS and Nintendo are here to stay.... If people are not pleased, the problem is with them..... The rest of us will continue to just play games....

MysticStrummer3286d ago

I don't think so. MS is under pressure, not Sony. Sony can play it safe, lose E3, and still sell more consoles all summer and for the rest of the year. MS nearly has to win big to stay in the game.

styferion3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

one E3 won't "punish" them even if it goes horribly, it's just an exhibition, it's not like every games not announced at E3 will suddenly get cancelled..

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lifeisgamesok3286d ago

The momentum swings to the MSFT branch with E3

SniperControl3286d ago

Oh yes, looking at May's sales figures, MS are "gonna kill" Sony at E3!

MysticStrummer3286d ago

NA dudebro momentum maybe, but worldwide momentum will never be on the XB1 side. Even if MS does win NA again it won't be nearly as large of a margin as last gen, which will result in a bigger overall loss for MS.

styferion3286d ago

true, outside NA/UK XB never have a big impact ever since their first gen..

actually it's still kinda strange seeing in the internet XB and PS compete neck-to-neck, because in my environment there's almost no mention of XB unless you're in a gaming circle.

truefan13286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Right on lifeisgame. If MSFT focuses on 2014 games and sony focuses on 2015/16 games or games that will never come out. That is an automatic victory for MSFT.

Phil Spencer said the show will highlight games we can play on XB1 in 2014. Sunset Overdrive, Halo 2, Forza Horizons are already 2014 plus more unannounced games. In terms of sony they only have DriveClub and tlou remastered as The Order was delayed. Driveclub has a free version and tlou came out last year, both will work against the success of those games. The other ps4 "megatons" I have heard are not 2014 releases. I doubt Project Beast, Uncharted 4, or Last Guardian will be out this year.

Playstation will still sell more, but they will lose some marketshare after E3.

raymantalk13286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

you talk out of your behind :)

choujij3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Phil Spencer also said PlayStation is great brand and will have a good E3. Since you worship him, why can't you see that?

3286d ago
Copen3286d ago

There's nothing MS can show or do that will swing the momentum in their favor so keep dreaming. Sony has shown they're the home for real gamers they've got the power advantage the multiplat advantage the huge stable of first party studios is an advantage and PSN has caught and surpassed Xbox live in every aspect. No Xbox console has EVER finished a gen higher than second place and guess what it's happening again. Go ahead and complain, b!tch, and moan it won't change a single thing. The PS4 has the bigger player pool the most gamers I mean I could keep going point is the X1 is a lost cause you're surrounded and your ammo is running out so surrender or be crushed it really is that simple.

T23286d ago

You picked exactly the wrong year\topic to represent ms as usual... Ms has sweet f a coming out in 2014 as your list proves..meanwhile ps4 has double the amount all spring and rolling

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Copen3286d ago

And then you woke up you wet your pants you're cold and empty feeling you reached for your mountain dew only to realize you'd pissed in it the night before and then it hits you MS is still the same MS they've always been a second place console maker unable to take out a financially strapped Sony. Your momentum "swing" was a dream and like your dream it will never happen so wake up and pay attention Sony's just getting started.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan3286d ago

The three consoles are in a much different situation :
-Sony : Needs to keep the momentum going and give some reasons for people to buy a PS4 and re-joy their 7+ millions first backers
-M$ : Needs to impress big time to bring back some enthusiasm. They had something with Titanfall but it seems like Sony might get it
-Nintendo : Survival time; sure MK8 is there, and there's Hyrule War zzzzzzzz...

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