Who Won The Battle For Gamers' Hearts At E3?

Ratings film Nielsen has released its post-E3 purchase intent charts, revealing that Bungie and Microsoft's Halo: ODST, which drew a slightly muted response from journalists, leads "probable purchase intent" with gamers it has surveyed.

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iDystopia5450d ago

I'll have it day one.

Gonna be playin some co-op single player, Firefight mode co-op and I only have one map-pack so I'll get about 12 new Halo Maps to play online.

September's getting closer. :)

SaberEdge5450d ago

Yeah, the firefight co-op mode is going to be awesome. The campaign is going to be awesome as well, it's as large as Halo 3's campaign and I am really digging the different approach to the gameplay. I can't wait for this game to drop (pun intended).

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iDystopia5450d ago

God of War 1/2 sold 2-3 million each on 120 million PS2's. I'm sure part 3 will do the same or less. ...remember how massive Killzone 2 was gonna be?? Hasn't sold even 2 million.

snipermk05450d ago

shouldn't you be employed at wall street instead of making sales comments in a gaming website?

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Anon19745450d ago

I've thoroughly enjoyed all 3 of Bungie's Halo games and I'm very much looking forward to ODST. I just hope that there's enough gameplay there for those of us who aren't XBL Gold members. I'm expecting some cool things from what I've seen so far.

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The Master Chief5450d ago (Edited 5450d ago )

Who said it wasn't talked about much? Were you on every message board and at E3?

Alan Wake, Spinter Cell, Left 4 Dead 2, Forza 3 were all big new announcements and showings...Natal. Even Halo: Reach and Mass Effect 2.

But Halo ODST looked very good for a new Halo story with new modes and a ton of multiplayer content...maybe you should get your eyes checked.

SuperM5450d ago

Well ofcourse you thought it looked good. Your name is after all Master Chief. But to be fair, the game doesnt look bad. It just looks very standard. That doesnt mean it wont be a fun experience, but it doesnt stack up to what we saw from some of the other big games at e3 like Modern Warfare2, AC2, UC2, SC:C etc. And ofcourse it got some attention, there are after all plenty of halo fans in the media aswell. but it got surprisingly little attention for a Halo title.

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Forrest Gump5450d ago

That's strange,I as well as many others thought it was one of the few 'big' titles that generated the least amount of attention at E3,the crowds reaction being one of the big indicators.

I guess these reports prove us different,huh.

PtRoLLFacE5450d ago

dude get a live, i seen u in all 360 articles talking crap

menoyou5450d ago

Halo generates sales for the same reason that Britney Spears does. They're nothing special, hell they're not even up to par with real musicians/games, but it's the name they have. People buy it because of the name. A name that has had millions or billions of dollars in marketing thrown behind it (Microsoft actually spent more money marketing Halo than they got in profits from sales).

-MD-5450d ago

It's honestly one of the only truly balanced games left that's why it sells.

SaberEdge5450d ago


No, it sells because it is one of the best shooters available on consoles, with balanced and fun gameplay and a thriving online community of players.

Ldubbz5449d ago

@ Forrest

Perhaps you werent at E3, because there was ALWAYS a line to play ODST. I had to wait 30 min, and that was at the end of day one.


Sour a bit? You know you dont seriously believe that crap you said.

Both of you should try your brand of Halo-envy elsewhere, it will get no play around here.

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Sonyslave35450d ago

Halo ODST is going to be huge not halo 3 huge but huge. I just hope halo odst won't messs up other xbox 360 games sales.

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