Transformers: The Movie Teaser Trailer

The official web site has now been updated with a Teaser Trailer. The first game will be tied to the much-anticipated July 4, 2007 movie release.

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The_Firestarter6185d ago

...I wouldn't mind watching this movie. As long as it doesn't get all corny, especially like the tv shows, but those where STILL cool to watch when I was younger.

deepio6185d ago

I wonder how they're gonna get over the whole scale of the transformers. I mean, Starscream is a jet fighter which is twice the size of a car (say Jazz), so it'd be a bit silly if those two ended up having a fight wouldn't it...

The_Firestarter6185d ago

I know exactly what you mean, lol. That'd be kind of embarrasing to watch, a fight like that.

YoJ1Mbo6185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

They'll fudge the actual size of em for sure...if not then Megatron would be just a few feet tall. I hope its a good movie though, it appears they created their own storyline, so could be really good or extremely bad.

0ldb0y6185d ago

Don't be surprised if they take great liberties in departing from many transformers' G1 earthly identities. For example, Megatron as a tank rather than pistol would be easier to pull off. There are simply too many stretches of the imagination one has to discount in order to have this silver screen adaptation work. As a huge Transformers fan, I'm not expecting too much to remain intact aside from primary characters and storyline concepts, so I still have a sliver of hope that they can pull of a halfway enjoyable action flick. If they include minicons and bratty teens, however, I will flip my lid...

YoJ1Mbo6184d ago (Edited 6184d ago )

Ugh, I hope they wouldn't drastically change what they transform into. I'm thinking of keeping Megatron a firearm, but just a different shaped huge kind of weapon, like a canon of some sort that a deceptacon would hold over his shoulder. And, if they are planning on using G1 transformers, it would be cool to make it a mature rated movie, since most of us are getting pretty old now heh. If this does turn out to be a kids flick I'll be sorely disappointed as well.

Dude, I still get tearjerked watching the original movie, they have to understand who their core audience is or, in my eyes, it will flop. I'd wonder why the crap they even made it. But, if you haven't noticed, every other film is a remake of something nowadays...and less than half have been worth watching.

MONTY 1876182d ago

hopefully the film is better than that sh1tty trailer!!