Ghostbusters Coming to US Home this Thursday

AZ4 wrote: "This Thursday, get ready for a Ghostbusters apartment in the US Home following a similar model to the previously released StageSet from Loot! Take control of a remote controlled Slimer or get inside the Ecto-1, pop open the boot, sound the horn and film in front of a blue screen to produce your very own machinima!"

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irishgirl094387d ago

why are you always 1st to post on every article??
do u own n4g?

Wizeguy214387d ago

Exactly ... are you the matrix forrest?

But i agree with your comment.. AWESOME!!!

vhero4387d ago

I'ts worse because hes a 360 fanboy 0_o anyways i'll be enjoying this once it comes out another exclusive download for Sony how many HOME apartments is that?

Supernatural244387d ago

Isn't there suppose to be a demo out?

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