Scarface Wii: Low on Motion Control, High on Straight Port

After reading IGN's Preview, The Wii Gamers was disappointed that there are very few, if any Wii exclusive features, with the motion control used sparingly.

New gameplay footage from the Wii version also availiable.

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Odiah4265d ago

Poor game sales shall be their reward.

ITR4265d ago

I hear it's basically the same as the Xbox, sound and etc..except for some Wii control spin.

ChickeyCantor4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

not true
the lightning is better, the texture are sharper and more polygons on screen ( more "people" on screen and a further clipping disstance).
so its not really a xbox version, also devs said that this is the best looking version of them all.

lets not forget that this game is low poly because it would be easier to port it for the PS2(or maybe started on the PS2?)
its also said that the controlls are better then any previous ports.

so not just a wii-mote spin.