Timeshift new screenshots

Timeshift certainly did a have a chaotic development. First announced by Atari for Xbox and PC, then with a barely upgraded version on Xbox 360 and PC by Sierra, the game has now been delayed one more year and will be released in Q4 2007. As you can see with these 5 images, the graphics engine has been totally overhauled and the game sports a much more "next-gen" look.

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Havince4305d ago

I remember playing a demo of this that was on a cd with a mag about 9 month ago, and it had 2 be said that it was DREADFUL. It was just rubbish. No wonder its delayed so much i wouldnt be suprised if they started from scratch. I remember in the demo you had 2 use a power 2 do something 2 some fire so you could pass thru it however when you did it i died anyway lol

JasonPC360PS3Wii4305d ago

Yeah it kinda sucked but looks like there starting new.

God of Gaming4305d ago

Oh Yea.. forgot about this game. Kinda becoming the new Duke.

techie4305d ago

Yuh and it's on the ps3 as well...upgrade in the graphis on these pics

headblackman4305d ago

what a big change, i'll be getting this one :) good job, keep up the good work

Havince4305d ago

and i STILL hvae the demo.............makes me cringe thinking bout the [email protected] lol

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