XboxInsider Prototype Review

Jason Hawkins of XboxInsider writes: "Prototype is a game which was bound to cause some fights when it came out (read: fanboy-ism) due to its release close to the PlayStation 3 exclusive, inFAMOUS. But even ignoring that, how does it stand on its own? Does it stand out as a finished product, or does it reek of being a prototype?

The game puts us in the shoes of Alex Mercer, a…well, when the game starts you really have no idea who he is: Is he the victim? Is he the culprit? A murderer? A terrorist? All we are told is that he is infected with a virus, but more is unfolded slowly during the story. Actually, the storytelling mechanic is interesting in itself; mostly giving the player the option to hear as much of it as they wish, unlocked through something called the Web of Intrigue."

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lokin4983d ago

i agree it might not be a 9, but this thing is freakin fun to play