CellFactor Free May 8

The Revolution will not be televised, but it will be downloaded

Artificial Studios and Immersion Games announced that CellFactor: Revolution will be available on PC for free via digital download on May 8. The first-person shooter utilizes Ageia's PhysX processor for cloth, fluid and debris effects. CellFactor: Revolution will also feature three "extreme PhysX" levels for the single-player campaign.

"Dreaming up the original concept, creating the art and collaborating with the other teams has been incredible, but what we're most eager to do is get this in the hands of gamers come May 8," said Julian Castillo, art director, lead designer and Immersion Games co-owner. "We think players will have a blast discovering the hundreds of ways they can kill enemies using the environment."

"The physics in CellFactor: Revolution are unlike anything gamers have seen before," said Manju Hegde, CEO of Ageia Technologies. "The game delivers stunning physics-driven gameplay elements and dramatic effects. The Ageia PhysX processor dramatically accelerates dynamic motion and interaction in complex environments with real-world, real-time properties for a whole new dimension in gameplay."

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Ps30074299d ago

Almost makes me want to get a Physics card.. Almost..

Wonder how much PC devs will use it though.

socomnick4299d ago

Hopefully enough cause I want to see this added in to next batch of consoles.