PS3 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Trailers Review

The game of the year heads to the PS3 with all the epic quests that will keep would-be adventurers busy for hundreds of hours.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4260d ago

Oblivion is better for the 360 then the ps3 their lying.
i owned it for both and there`s a huge difference.
the only reason the 360 has better reviews is because, it was newer playing it the 1st time.
the ps3 version is way better, looks better,less glitches, shorter loadtimes, less ingame loadtimes.

don`t let these people lie to you.

SpinalRemains1384260d ago

I never played the 360 version, but Im in love with this game on PS3. So much to do and different routes to take make this game very entertaining. The catacomb and cave puzzles are lots of fun, and the music is great too. Easily a 9.5 in most eyes. The only ppl who wont like this game are the ppl who have ADD or small IQ's since there is reading involved. Buy this game

Scythesean4260d ago

I love this game, I thought about getting it for my PC when it first came out. I didn't and I'm glad because the PS3 looks so wonderful playing this game. I have it on my 32"LCD and it looks beautiful.